Yesterday evening we were at organisation of kokoreç meal, dessert and cafe games,after that day’s speaking program.On way: at Sirkeci station; last call for English Spoken Cafe group: if you want to eat kokoreç, you must reach the door,  before closed : )
After  kokoreç  table, we walked from Sirkeci  to Edebiyat Vakfı.At Edebiyat Vakfı we ate dessert and had conversation and we went to Valens  Cafe, which was formerly the first shop English Spoken Cafe, and Cümbüş Cafe.
We played backgammon, okey, taboo in Cümbüş Cafe, we all had enjoyable moments. My friend Cihan and his cousin taught me the game called okey.

Mehmet Onur, Fındıkzade.  Edit by Altan. 23.12.2018


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