Olympic flag has at leats one color of all flags

Fresh aristocrat Baron de Coubertin designed the Olympic flag in the early 1900s, and he was very intentional with his creation. At least one of the colors on the Olympic flag appears on the flags of every nation that competed in the games at the time (but only if you count the white background of the flag itself). “A white background, with five rings in the center: blue, yellow, black, green, and red … is symbolic,” Coubertin said in 1931. “It represents the five continents of the world, united by Olympism, while the six colors are those that appear on all the national flags of the world at the present time.” new topic  last one hghug hjhgh

Spanish flu killed millions of people

Although it’s from more than 100 years ago, everyting in the photo looks familiar to us, even the lady wearing the mask below her nose ? Covid19 is a big pandemic and changed everything in the current world and still changing the systems. But still the world’s biggest epidemic started in America and killed over 100 million people, 50 times more than Covid19 killed so far. If we compare the world population now and then, the current population is almost 5 times of the population (1.8 billion) in 1918. That means Spanish Flu killed 1 human out of 18. Young, old, sick and otherwise-healthy people all became infected, and at least 10% of patients died. Why was it called the Spanish flu? Spain was one of the earliest countries where the epidemic was identified. Spain was a neutral nation during the war and did not have strict censorship, so the press freely published the illness. As a result, people believed the illness was from Spain, and the name “Spanish flu” stuck to Spanish nation. editing finish

Crying makes you happy

They don’t call it a “good cry” for nothing. Studies suggest that crying stimulates the production of endorphins, our body’s natural painkiller, and feel-good hormones, like oxytocin. In short, crying more will ultimately lead to smiling more.

Favorite colors and personality

Studies and experiments across years (201020142015 and more recently in 2019) have given us more insight into color personality based on color psychology.

Red: Bold, adventure-lover. Can be a little impulsive or intimidating
Orange: Fun and playful, cheerful, energy that people admire, social, perhaps an extrovert. You enjoy deep conversation. Love to play the host at parties or events. In regards to productivity, you like to dive right into work and get things done
Yellow: A positive spirit, optimistic, cheerful, adventurous, calming for those around them, infectious smiles and happiness that spreads to other people
Blue: Dependable, trustworthy, gentle, compassionate, peaceful, loyal, strong. In regards to productivity, you like to strategize the best way to handle a task
Green: Practical, realistic, loves to give advice, loves to help others, enjoys the outdoors and finds balance in life. In regards to productivity, you like to analyze the situation before diving in, you’re a problem solver and you can find ways to think outside the box
Purple: Smart, loves unique things and wants to stand out from the pack, dances to the music no one else can hear. You improve on creativity and inspiration, you tune out the world
Pink: Fun, playful, maybe a little naive. You aren’t afraid to express your emotions. Love and family are important to you
White: Calm, peaceful, innocent, perhaps a bit naive. You like things clean and orderly. You like the thought of a “fresh start” or a blank canvas
Black: Bold, risk-taker, perhaps a little impulsive at times, serious (maybe a little too serious). You’re strong, trustworthy, perhaps a little scary

One horse produces 15 hps

The power output of your car’s engine can be measured in different ways, but the most common is in horsepower. An average horse achieves a maximum of 15 hp. Mechanical horsepower, also known as imperial horsepower, is the measurement invented by James Watts and is approximately equivalent to 745.7 watts of power. So why do we horsepower as a measurement?
In short – marketing. Before the steam engine, one or more horses were often used by farmers. In order to sell steam engines, it was important to describe them in terms that the customers would understand.
A group of researchers in Mexico calculated the maximum power that Usain Bolt reached during his 9.58s world record 100m run in the World Championships in Berlin in 2009. According to their calculations, Bolt reached 2619.5 watts which is equal to 3.5 HP.

It takes an hour to drive to space

Imagine you have a flying car and you’re driving through the clouds with your favorite music on the radio. That would probably be a great experince with an incredible view. Technically, if you got into your car, turned on the ignition and drove up to the sky at 96 km, it would take just one hour to get to outer space, according to astronomer Fred Hoyle. Of course, this is purely a theoretical, but it sure is fun to think about!

Escaping a prison isn’t a crime

Non-violent attempts to escape prisons in these countries are not punished because “it’s human nature to want freedom”. But of course unless you don’t commit another crime during your escape. Here are two examples about what crimes you’ll commit if you escape your cell.
Example 1: Break a window and jump out of it. This one was easy – you damaged property during your escape.
Example 2: Jump out of an open window and escape. Your crime? Stealing prison clothes, unless you jumped out naked.
As a practical matter, it is nearly impossible to escape without committing a crime

Gorillas can lift a ton

The Silverback gorilla can lift up to 10 times its body weight on average: a total of about 816 kilograms, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. This makes them one of the strongest living animal species on Earth. Though they are feared, the Silverback gorillas will only use their strength when they feel threatened.

Selfies kill people

Five people died from shark attacks in 2017. A study in 2017 shows every 3 days someone is killed by selfie related accidents. But that number is “just the tip of the iceberg,” say the study’s authors, because such deaths are often reported to other causes. This year the number must be even worse. The study also found that the people who died while taking selfies were mostly male (about 72 percent) and under the age of 30 (86 percent). The most common type of death was drowning, which often occurred after the selfie-taker was washed away by waves on a beach or a boat. Next were “transport” deaths, which most frequently happened when someone was taking a selfie too close to a moving vehicle. Those were followed by deaths from falls, fires, firearms and animals. Here are some examples how people die:
A man visiting a park in eastern India was beaten to death by a bear while trying to take a selfie with the wounded animal.
A British man and an Australian woman fell to their deaths while taking a selfie atop a cliff overlooking a popular Portuguese beach.
A teenager died after she shot herself in the head while taking a series of selfies with a loaded gun.
A young woman died after falling into Lake Superior from a 60-meter-cliff while positioning herself for a selfie.

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