First of all I say hello to everyone.

This is first experience for me to write somewhere but you know they say ” better than nothing..Also this news is about Büryan Party , Savalan gave the name exactly like this.When we went to English Spoken Cafe it was just an ordinary Monday night, you know people are much more stressed, tired and cold night weather seemed like ordinary November, rainy but still a beatiful cafe night.Anyway, usually when we go to the cafe first we drink tea outside and we see friends and we talk about everything sometimes Turkish sometimes English and sometimes we only gossip…….şşş :)(Don’t tell anyone about this)

So we entered our class and our subject was about Food. We talked about lot of things about food, you know ” -what time and what do you usually eat?By the way our teacher is EZ, very kind in every condition always cheerful. She is from Australia.Ez asked in class the last question -tell us about your favorite restaurants in Istanbul?Mehmet abi said ” when i eat meat always prefer BÜRYAN in Kadınlar Pazarı.He said the place is also cheap and very famous ..Also he recommended us the place ” you must go there someday”Actually i always wondered about it all the time “Ez said to Mehmet abi, “ if you go there again would you guide us if you know the place?”Mehmet abi looked at Savalan and said “-Savalan this is your mission if you organise these people i will loveto be your guide.Savalan said, “ okey I will open a whatsapp grup and when we decide to go there and decide the date or who will join us i will make the announcement .!Savalan opened the whatsapp grup and we invites our friends.Day came and we decided to meet on Sunday in front of English Spoken Cafe and we went to Kadınlar Pazarı. Women went by Mr. Altan’s car and men went by bus..(Ez, Eda , Beyza, Şennur)We reached the restaurant before Mr.Altan’s car. ( Mehmet abi, Cihan, Barış, Yusuf Ziya, Erdem, Savalan, Ömer and me. )Everything was like Mehmet Abi told us .Food was delicious also side dish Ezme ,with isot and onion ,some salad and ayran, everything was like perfect.Anyway when we finished the meal, the shop owner brought us delicious tea..And we decided to see where English Spoken Cafe’s old place was and we went to see it. After that we wanted to play card games, backgammon, okey. like this kind of games. By the way when Ii checked the weather seemed like rainy.But it didn’t rain.

Anyway we went to old English Spoken Cafe and Mr altan took the women again in his car .But this time he arrieved earlier than us. (don’t mention that )Savalan, Mehmet abi and Yusuf, we walked together and we saw the interesting mosque.Savalan told this mosque is very different, do you wanna visit before?This mosque once upon time was a church but when the Ottoman Empire came this church was converted into a mosque.Mehmet abi and Yusuf said“…ohh we must do the afternoon pray in this mosque.By the way, Savalan saw an some orange cat in the mosque garden and he petted it.And I thought to myself why didn’t I see before this mosque and I decided to enter it.Suddenly Beyza saw us and sais if you go to the mosque I want to come there and pray for Allah..We entered the mosque, 5 of us together. What a different place, seems like quiet and peaceful place.Anyway when we left the mosque we coincided Savalan, Şennur, Ez and Eda they carried and brought us Sahlep..Savalan adviced us this mosque but didn’t enterç. Instead of this he went to take Sahlep.Because orange cat i-ran away from Savalan and I don’t know why..And Şennur showed us the old English Spoken Cafe’s door.Mr.Altan and Barış told us before about this place. It is like a cool place but right now like an “eh” place,Because didn’t seem like antique or mistic or romantic place my opinion ehh is enough..But very very cheap, this part can take 5 starsAnyway I and Yusuf were playing partner against Mr.Altan and Barış, sadly we didn’t win .Also other friends were playing Jenga “ but I saw the Savalan lost the game. That’s why he drank 2 bottles of water.Also Erdem and Cihan sang badly some songs from Keremcan.Yusuf and I understood we played at the lucky table.Ohh Lord I can’t sing even if it’sa good song from Barış MançoSome friends left early. After that we ended this very enjoyable day.Mr.Altan said we have spent a very nice and enjoable day and let’s write the story in our web site.But everyone including me didn’t say yes.

When I came home and showed some pictures to my wife.I thought I ought to write this beatiful day .With us or without us for this beautiful day we are thankful to every single person. And my last sentence..I’m so lucky to have this kind of friends.

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