I Can Speak Fluently Monday

15 April

-are you satisfied with your income?
-what would you do if you earned much more money?
-how do you usually spend your money?
-what are the easiest ways to earn a lot of money?
-if you had millions of dollars what would you do? would you work or just spend the money to the end of your life without working?

Around 1200 years ago, in the 9th century, probably during a Sunday mass, a bored Viking named Halvdan (Halfdan) carved his name on marble at the upper gallery of Hagia Sophia. It is quite surprising that this text survived through the centuries. For many years, people assumed these to be just random cracks. Research done in 1964 proved that this was done by a Viking. Scientists assume Halvdan was a warlord and commander from a Viking tribe who lived in Lotofen, Norway. Halvdan travelled to İstanbul for business purposes. The huge city marvelled Halvdan. Like most Vikings who visited Constantinapolis, he decided to join the mercenary unit, Varangians. That unit consisted of Viking warriors who served the Byzantine Emperor. Halvdan fell in love with the beauty of Hagia Sophia and decided to visit it. Hagia Sophia opened only during Sunday mass, so Halvdan attended mass to see the church. Since he was not Christian, he got bored during mass and carved his name onto a marble on the upper balcony of Hagia Sophia.

How do people damage historical places? Do you know any attractions which were damaged by people?

I wasn’t born yesterday means “I am not stupid” or “easy to deceive”
“You don’t fool me – I wasn’t born yesterday.”

In your country, what are the most common ways to fool people? When did someone last try to deceive you and what happened at the end?

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