I Can Speak Fluently Weekend

13-14 July

Places to see in İstanbul
-Which places do you like in İstanbul?
-Where do you go at the weekends?
-Tell us some beautiful places in İstanbul


During a race, the temperature inside a race car regularly reaches up to 76 degrees Celsius due to engine activity and action. Despite ventilation systems that blow cool air into the seats, the helmet, and near the feet, the heat can still lead drivers to lose between five and 4.5 kilograms of sweat during each race. Excessive sweating can lead to focus problems and slower reflexes, which is just one of the factors that make this sport so dangerous.

Do you like motorsports? Which one is your favourite and who is your favourite race pilot? What do you think are the good or bad things about being a race pilot?

the truth or correctness of something will (only) be established at some time in the future.
“Only time will tell whether Benson is right”

What do you think will happen in the future? What will change and what will remain the same in your life and in the world? Do you have anything in your mind about the future?

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