I Can Speak Monday

15 July

-when are you going to get retired?
-do you have any retirement plans?
-if you got retired today what would you do?

People in their 40s-50s will probably remember the times when TRT used to play rock and heavy metal music clips and concerts. It was actually a TV program, Rock Market. Şener Yıldız, who was a medical student in Ankara started the program in 1989 on TV1. At that time there were no other TV channels, not even TV2. It first started to show on Sunday in the afternoon which was prime time for those years. In the following years, it was from midnight till the morning at 6.00. Trt showed documentaries from Anatolian villages and Turkish classical music, and just after midnight, heavy metal started. It sounds very interesting now if you think, the official TV channel shows heavy metal music. The 90s were really fantastic years in Turkey

Do you know any other interesting TV programs? What makes them interesting?

a catchy song or tune that runs continually through a person’s mind.

Are you obsessed with some songs that you usually sing or remember? When was the last time you had an earworm and you couldn’t stop it?

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