I Can Speak Thursday

28 September

childhood and youth
-what is different now from the old days?
-what did you use to do when you were a child and when you were a teenager?
-what were your favourite hobbies?
-tell us your favourite cartoons when you were a child and your favourite Tv programmes when you were young?

I’m sure you all know “The Green Mile” movie, some of you might be a big fan of it. Joe Arridy’s life story could inspire the movie. You can be a critical person and be unhappy because of the facts or the system of the world, there’s a famous phrase by Thomas Gray; “Ignorance is bliss”, which made Joe smile even before he died. Joe Arridy was born in 1915 in Pueblo, Colorado. His parents were immigrants from Syria. They did not speak English. Joe was late to start speaking as a boy and never spoke in sentences of more than a few words. After he attended one year at elementary school, his teachers told his parents to keep him at home, saying that he could not learn. He was executed for the 1936 rape and murder of Dorothy Drain, a 15-year-old girl. The police manipulated him to make a false confession. Arridy was mentally disabled and was 23 years old when he was executed in 1939.

Did you watch The Green Mile movie? If yes what did you like and dislike about it? How do you feel about the story of Joe Arridy?

The most valuable things don’t cost any money, like family and friends. Those free things are, in the end, worth more than anything money could buy

What are the most valuable things for you? Why do you give them so much importance? How do you balance the value of work and family?

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