I Can Speak Thursday

29 February

-Talk about a recent restaurant you went to.
How was it different from others? why was it good? why was it bad?
-Do you cook at home?
If yes what can you cook well and what can’t you cook well?
-If you do not cook what do you order?
-What food/dessert/drink have you not tried yet but really want to someday?

There’s only one human who’s made the moon their grave. Eugene Shoemaker was born in 1928 in Los Angeles and he was one of the founders of planetary science. He spent his days travelling around the world to study impact craters. He died in 1997 during one expedition in a car crash, a few hundred kilometres northwest of Alice Springs, Australia. Shoemaker’s wife Carolyn was severely injured in the crash. After he passed away, his wife Carolyn sent his ashes to the moon in a metal cylinder that was with a quote from Romeo and Juliet: “And, when he shall die/Take him and cut him out in little stars/And he will make the face of heaven so fine/That all the world will be in love with night/And pay no worship to the garish sun.”. Whenever you look into the sky at night and watch the moon, you are also looking at Mr Shoemaker’s final resting place. And remember, he did a lot even at the age of 79, still working for humans and science.

Which scientists do you think are the most important scientists? Who is your favourite scientist or entrepreneur and why do you think he/she is that important?

said to someone just after you have discovered that they have had the same idea as you

Do you know and like a group of people or scientists who have similar ideas? Why do you like their ideas?

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