I Can Speak Tuesday

26 September

-which celebrities; singers, actors and actresses do you like and why?
-which celebrities don’t you like and why?
-have you ever met a celebrity? What did you talk about?
-who are your favourite people in other fields? science, sports, and literature. And why?

Here’s how you’ve heard it: “Rocky Horror Picture Show is a cult classic.” What it means: The word refers to a movie, book, band, TV show, video game, or another form of media that has a small but extremely passionate fanbase. Eraserhead could be a cult classic. However, people often misuse it to refer to a project with a massive, passionate fanbase, like Star Wars or Fight Club. (Neither are “cult” classics.)

Do you know or like any cult movies? When was the last time you watched a cult movie? Did you like it?

do not be afraid to take a risk, to set out on a new adventure, to try something new. It also means do not go in blindly. Plan your trip, gather your supplies, and set sail.

Do you like adventures? Tell us about some adventures you had in the past. What was exciting or interesting about that adventure?

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