I Cant Speak Friday

29 September

-where were you born?
-where are your parents originally from?
-tell us about your mother’s/father’s hometown.
-do you like your parents’ hometown? why/why not?
-where did your ancestors come from?
-tell us about your grandparents
-tell us about your grandgrandparents

Related Words: grandparents, grand grandparents, parents, my mother’s parents, my father’s parents, grandchildren, originally from, immigrant, migrate, settle, was born and raised in, when I was a child, root, talkative, funny, friendly, helpful, sociable, cute, moody, serious, give pocket money

word game – Ancerstors

UK TV personality and Top Gear presenter James May built the world’s first full-size LEGO house – including a working toilet, hot shower and a very uncomfortable bed – using 3.3 million plastic bricks. The TV presenter built the house for his BBC show, James May Toy Stories. Locals in the area volunteered for the project and they carefully followed the design plans. The end result was truly amazing. Now he wants to build a Lego ship and sail it.

Would you like to live in a house in a Lego house like the above? What’s your dream house like?

a successful person is often one who is willing to take risks.

Are you a lucky person? Why do you think you are lucky or unlucky?

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