I Cant Speak Monday

25 September

Weekend and evenings
-what do you usually do when you go home in the evening after work?
-do you have any hobbies you do in the week?
-do you go anywhere in the week?
-what are the last things you usually do before sleep?
-what do you do at the weekends?
-what did you do last weekend?
-what are you planning to do this weekend?
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Related Words: go trekking, go cycling, go walking in the park, go shopping, go to a concert, go to the seaside, go to the gym, visit relatives, visit friends, watch a movie, meet up with friends, take a nap, lie on the sofa, take a rest, have dinner with my family, water flowers, do gardening, go away for the weekend, go on a picnic

word game – Weekends and evenings

If you plan to go on a diet these days, your first step should be cooling your bedroom. You may feel sleeping in a cool room makes you have better sleep. There’s also scientific research on the relationship between sleeping in a cold room and burning fat. Just of just a single month of sleeping in an 18-degree room helped increase subjects’ fat-burning ability by as much as 10 percent, according to research from Commonwealth University.

Tell us about your sleeping habits. What time, where and how do you sleep?

Beginning a project well makes it easier to do the rest.; Once you have begun a project well, you do not need to put in much more effort to finish it.

What hobbies, activities or TV series do you want to start these days and why do you want to start them?

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