I Cant Speak Thursday

30 May

-what problems do you have nowadays?
-what are the problems you have at work?
-do you have any health problems?
-did you have any health problems earlier?
-tell us about some problems earlier. what were they and how did you get over the problem?
-what are the main problems of İstanbul and our country?

Related Words: get over a problem, recover from an illness, financial problems, be broke, have an accident, be busy at work, use a medicine, unemployed, fail a test, unlucky, failure, have a bad day, get injured, broken, mobbing, problematic, work long hours, deadline, crisis

word game – Problems

Despite the many differences between humans and other creatures, there are also plenty of similarities. Many creatures have hair, a heart, eyes, and a powerful brain just like ours. But there’s one feature we don’t share with any other species: our chins. “If you’re looking across all of the hominids (early forms of human beings), which is the family tree after the split with chimpanzees, there aren’t really that many features that we can say are exclusively human,” James Pampush, PhD, co-author of The Enduring Puzzle Of The Human Chin, told NPR. “The one thing that really sticks out is the chin.”

Which one do you like more, humans or animals? Why do you like them more?

Things will improve after a bad start. This proverb is based on the weather in Britain, where early-morning rain often heralds a fine day

Are you in a good or bad period in your life? How are you solving your problems if you are in a bad period?

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