I Cant Speak Wednesday

17 July

Indoor and outdoor activities
-what are your favourite indoor and outdoor activities?
-which indoor activities do you usually do in your home?
-which outdoor activities do you do when you go out?
-what do you do when you meet up at home with friends or family?
-what do you do when you meet up outdoors with friends or family?

Related Words: stay in, go trekking, walk in the forest, go to the seaside, watch movies at home, play games with friends, go for a drink, go out for a meal, do gardening, water the flowers, go camping, go fishing, play board games, horse riding, climbing, watch TV series, go to the countryside

word game – Indoor and outdoor activities

While deep breaths don’t burn too many calories, this is how most burned-off fat exits your body. You may have thought it was mostly through sweat, urine, or some other way, but the truth is that as you exercise or go about your day, the majority of the fat you lose 84 percent, according to 2014 research published in the British Medical Journal—is converted into carbon dioxide and leaves your body through your lungs. The remaining 16 percent is converted to water, which exits your body through urine, sweat, tears, or other bodily fluids.

What do you do to lose weight or keep your weight?

find exactly the right answer

Let’s play the “Hit the nail on the head” game. One of you will explain anything or anyone he/she wants to explain, the others will try to guess what he/she explains. We’ll continue with the person who’s given the right answer

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