I Cant Speak Wednesday

27 September

Your neighbourhood
-what do you like and dislike about your neighbourhood?
-what do you have around you? ( cinema, market, theatre etc)
-do you know any good places, parks or shops in your neighbourhood?
-who do you usually communicate with within your neighbourhood?
-what do you usually do when you go out in your neighbourhood?
-if you didn’t live in that neighbourhood which neighbourhood would you like to live in and why?
-tell us an interesting memory that happened in your neighbourhood.
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Related Words: downtown, pavement(sidewalk), parking spot, open market, pub, historical place, bakery, bookshop, central location, mosque, gym, bus stop, tram station, underground station, train station, gas station,  next to, near, tranquil, busy, crowded, noisy, detached house, apartment blocks, narrow-wide street, avenue, local people

word game – Neighbourhood

You may be thinking about being isolated from civilization and living on an island. Here you will have another option: being very social at the same time. Santa Cruz del Islote in Colombia may only be about the size of two soccer fields, but the island has four main streets and 10 neighbourhoods. More than a thousand people live on the island in around 155 houses. With so many people packed into such a small space, it’s the most densely populated island in the world. The inhabitants have to use neighbouring islands as cemeteries and they work elsewhere, primarily at the Mucura Island Hotels. There is one school with one teacher and a restaurant that functions as a port. Free 24-hour Internet service was established for the island, allowing the students access to distance education during the Coronavirus pandemic. Previously, service had been expensive and of poor quality, making it difficult to do educational activities from home. Santa Cruz del Islote is also poor: there is no clean drinking water or sewerage, and there are problems with rubbish and pollution. Despite their needs, people say they do not feel poor and can get along as they do not have big expenses.

Would you like to live on Santa Cruz del Isolate Island? Why/why not?

Working until you die is better than being idle just because you are old.

“Murat: Grandma, you shouldn’t work so hard. You’re not young anymore, you know.
Grandmother: Thanks for your concern, dear, but I plan to keep working. It’s better to wear out than to rust out”

Are you a hardworking or lazy person? When do you usually feel hardworking or lazy?

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