On April 1, 1974, a local man named Oliver Bickar burned 70 old tires in the crater of Mount Edgecumbe in Alaska for an April Fools’ Day joke. The dark smoke rising from the crater convinced residents that the volcano was erupting. After phones calls from the locals to the police station, a helicopter flew up to the top of the mountain. The pilot told the officers, “the son of a gun looks fantastic.”  The hoax was revealed, “April Fool” was spray-painted in 15 m letters. The Guardian reports that Bickar had been planning the prank for four years, and lists it the best Aprils Fools hoax of all time.

Let’s take a look at a small but important difference in British and American English: the naming of floors in a building. In British English the floor of a building at street level is called the ground floor. The floor above is the first floor and the floor below is called the basement. In American English, however, the floor at street level is usually called the first floor. Go up one floor and you are on the second floor (which, of course, is the first floor for the British). The floor below street level is called the basement, the same as in British English. Though there are exceptions to this. In public buildings in the U.S., for instance, it’s also possible to call the street-level floor the ground floor, like in Britain.

Chrysippus was born in 279 BC in Soli, near Mersin, Turkey. He moved to Athens and became a student of Cleanthes, the head of the Stoic School. Chrysippus became the head of the Stoic School around 230 BC. One day during a feast, Chrysippus saw a donkey eating figs and getting drunk due to eating too much fruit and he said: “Now give the donkey wine to wash the figs!”, then started laughing so hard that he fell on the ground and started shaking. People tried to help him but he apparently died. While many actually believed Chrysippus died from laughing too hard, some people said that he died from drinking too much wine and that his death was due to alcohol poisoning. Actually he is not the only one reported to die from laughter. A Greek painter named Zeuxis also died from laughter after he painted goddess Aphrodite as an old woman. Many believed it was a punishment from the gods. More recently, in 1989, a 62-year old man fainted three times and nearly died from watching a funny episode of Seinfeld TV show. So maybe laughter is not the best medicine…

In 2007,  Ewa and 200 other paragliders were training in Australia for next week’s world championships.  Ewa jumped off and the ground disappeared beneath her feet. However, after a while she saw dark storm clouds in front of her, she remained calm. The weather was turning rapidly, the storm clouds grew around her, Ewa soon realized she was being sucked into the center. She could hear roars of thunder and lightning around her, and her vision was becoming clouded by the rain and darkness. Luckily, Ewa had a GPS and phone on her shoulder, she managed to call the ground team saying she could not see them anymore. As she got higher, the storm was worse. Her attitude was increasing, the temperature was 50 degrees below freezing and ice began to form around her body and face. As she reached 10 thousand kms into the sky and she blacked out. Still unconscious, Ewa was going towards the ground. Her fall suddenly awoke her. Somehow she managed to reach out to the controls of the glider. The earth slowly began to get closer and closer and she began to steer herself into a safe place to land. She was on the ground. After she landed, she was still very much in serious danger. Ewa lay on the Australian savannah, frozen.  Finally, she wasn’t alone, the team found her and wrapped her in a warm blanket and put her in the back of a van. She was taken to the hospital immediately.

Vasa was the world’s most high-tech warship when it sailed. Today, it’s a resource for naval historians and archaeologists–and a story for people who design technology. Vasa sank in twenty minutes after sail. The warship survived the first wind. But the second storm did it in.  It sank in full view of a horrified public. Engineering problems sank the ship. Vasa was a big, beautifully decorated ship. It was covered in wooden carvings that told stories about the Swedish royal family, and most importantly the king, Gustav II Adolf. The king ordered the ship, which carried 64 bronze cannons. An archaeologist who studied the remains of the ship thinks it sank because the gun deck was too heavy. It was designed and built by someone with no experience building a well-armed ship. And the king rushed the building process. The cold, oxygen-poor water of the Baltic Sea protected Vasa from the bacteria and worms and 95 percent of Vasa’s wood was in good shape when Sweden finally raised the ship in 1961. It’s now in Stockholm’s Vasa Museum. According to the museum, it is the only preserved 17th-century ship in the world, and the museum is a place for historical and anthropological study as well as for visitors from around the world.

The McDermott clan were the ruling family in Boyle, Ireland from the 10th to the 16th century and this castle stood on the island since the 12th century. The McDermotts lost the island in 1586 and the current castle was built in the late 1700s by the King family. It was built as a summer house and burned down during the Second World War.
Legend tells the story of Una, the daughter of McDermott family who fell in love with a boy of the lower classes. Una’s father disapproved that and he prevented his daughter from leaving the island. The young couple were not deterred and the boy swam to the island to meet Una in secret. One day, he drowned while swimming to the island. Shortly afterwards, poor Una died of grief and both she and her beloved are buried on the island, beneath two trees which grew over them.
If you go in the summer, you can rent a rowing boat and row out to the island.

Cincinnati has a history of cows running away but one cow stands above the rest. In 2002, Cincinnati “Cinci” Freedom, escaped from a slaughterhouse, running away from authorities for nearly two weeks before being captured. She was eventually captured and then bought by artist Peter Max. She went to live out her golden years in a farm in New York. Max named her “Cinci”. Cinci remained shy around humans but enjoyed the company of the other cows, some 50 other escapees. Cinci was put down in 2008, after being diagnosed with cancer. She was likely 15 or 16 years old.  The Farm  Director Susie Coston said,”She symbolized the will to live, to enjoy life and to not be messed with”.
This story will remind you of Ferdinand the cow, who escaped and swam from Rize to Trabzon in 3 days and finally gained her freedom. Haluk Levent and Ahbap society bought Ferdinand and sent her to a farm in İzmir.

Around 1100 years ago, in the 9th century, probably during a Sunday mass, a bored Viking named Halvdan (Halfdan) carved his name on marble at the upper gallery of Hagia Sophia. It is quite surprising that this text survived through the centuries. For many years, people assumed these to be just random cracks. A research was done in 1964 proved that this was done by a Viking. Scientists assume, Halvdan was a warlord and commander from a Viking tribe who lived in Lotofen, Norway. Halvdan traveled to İstanbul for business purposes. The huge city marvelled Halvdan. Like most Vikings who visited Constantinapolis, he decided to join the mercenary unit, Varangians. That unit consisted of Viking warriors who served the Byzantine Empreror. Halvdan fell in love with the beauty of Hagia Sophia and decided to visit it. Hagia Sophia opened only during Sunday mass, so Halvdan attended mass to see the church. Since he was not Christian, he got bored during mass and carved his name onto a marble in the upper balcony of Hagia Sophia.

Pirate Captain Calico Jack was born “John Rackham” in 1682 in Jamaica. He was active during the end of the “golden age of pirates” in the 18th century and operated in Bahamian waters. We remember Captain Calico Jack for two reasons: his design of the Jolly Roger Flag and his two female crew members. Pirates hoped the flags would communicate that they were not afraid to break the rules, forcing the victims to surrender without a fight. The flag has other meanings today, such as the sign of poisonous elements. Calico Jack is also remembered for his two female crew members, Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Anne Bonny was the wife of sailor James Bonny, employed by Governor Rogers. Calico Jack had an affair with Anne Bonny and when her husband discovered it, he brought her to the Governor to be punished.  Calico Jack and Anne escaped with the other crew members in a stolen ship. They sailed for two months on the Caribbean, they attacked other ships, inviting the crews to join them. Calico Jack came to an end when he was captured in 1720, after his ship was attacked by a ship sent by Governor Nicholas Lawes. Calico Jack and his crew were brought back to Jamaica and they were sentenced to be hanged. Calico Jack’s legacy is remembered in Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”. He is in the film’s opening scene when Jack Sparrow sails into Port Royal and passes a sign, “Pirates, Ye Be Warned”. The Black Pearl also proudly flies Calico Jack’s design of the Jolly Roger flag.

Imagine what Istanbul look like with the bridge in the photo. It’s obvious Istanbul would be more popular with a stone bridge like this. In 1502 Leonardo Da Vinci designed a bridge that would be on the Golden Horn in Istanbul, upon request from the Ottoman emperor Bayezid II, but the design was never used for an actual project. The bridge was designed to connect old Istanbul with Galata. The bridge would have a length of 280 meters, a width of 23 meters, and a height (over sea level) of 40 meters according to Leonardo Da Vinci’s design. If built, it would have become the world’s longest bridge of that time (1502). The project was rejected by Sultan Bayezid II who didn’t believe that it could be realistic. The construction – three arches supporting a walkway – was first accepted as an engineering principle 300 years after Da Vinci made his drawing. Da Vinci believed in his project and he even offered to build it himself. In a letter he wrote to the Sultan (which was found in 1952 at the Topkapi Palace archives) the great master expressed his wish to come to Istanbul to personally realize his project. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) made a research and did experiments about the design. They analyzed the materials available at the time and say that the bridge could only have been made of stone, because wood or brick could not have carried the loads of such a long design. And they concluded that, as in classical masonry bridges, the bridge would stand on its own under the force of gravity, without any fasteners or mortar to hold the stone together.

What if we tell you; when you use the word “holiday” you actually mean a holy day, which is Sunday for a Christian and or Saturday for a Jew. Holiday is the short form of holy day. We have more to say, which is even more interesting. “Goodbye” has surprisingly religious origins. The Online Etymology Dictionary explains that this common farewell comes from the 16th century English term “godbwye,” which is shorthand for “God be with ye.” or “God be with you”. But don’t worry about it. English language became universal and means the same for everyone currently.

Margaret Ann Bulkley (1789–1865), born in Ireland, James Barry’s identity as a woman was a secret until after her death. James Barry was a military surgeon in the British Army. He was known as a bad-tempered, squeaky-voiced freak. Often he was teased by his colleagues for his voice. Barry got a medical degree from the University of Edinburgh Medical School, then served first in Cape Town, South Africa, and in many parts of the British Empire. Before retirement, Barry had the rank of Inspector General in charge of military hospitals, the second highest medical office in the British Army. Barry not only improved conditions for wounded soldiers, but also the conditions of the native people, and performed the first caesarean section by a European in Africa. Both the mother and child survived the operation. Although Barry’s entire adult life was lived as a man, she was known as female in childhood. Barry lived as a man in both public and private life as a doctor. The reality was girls weren’t accepted to medical school then and she had to pretend to be a man and got accepted as a university student. Barry’s secret only becoming known to the public after death through autopsy.

The Spite House is 2 meters wide, 7 meters deep and 30 square meters in two stories. It is located on Queen Street in the Old Town district in Alexandria. Jack – Colleen Sammis and  his son, Jake, own the house now. They bought it for $135,000 in 1990. It’s more of an enclosed street than a house. The brick walls of older houses on both side are the painted brick walls in the living room. It’s called the Spite House by some because John Hollensbury built it in 1830 to keep horse-cars out of his 2 m wide street. “The area loves the house,” Mr. Sammis said. “It’s on napkins and cards that show Old Town scenes. It’s always on the tourist tours.” Beneath the stairs is a cupboard with a small microwave oven on top. On the other wall is the kitchen counter with a small sink, a small four-burner gas cooker and an under-counter refrigerator. Upstairs, a bathroom with a shower is at the rear. Storage is beside the stairs. A full-size double bed is pushed sideways against a wall. Mr. and Ms. Sammis also entertain at the house. “Unless we put some of the people upstairs,” Ms. Sammis said, the house can hold only “about 12” guests.

Recently there is a debate about the Turkish idiom; “çay harareti alır”. Some say “çay” is river, some say it’s tea. It’s obvious that being in a river cools you down. But also there is a study about how hot drinks cool you down, which means “tea cools you down” too. Drinking hot tea or coffee can actually help cool you down on a hot day. That’s because of increased body cooling system, according to a 2012 study published in the journal Acta Physiologica. “When you have a hot drink, you actually have an increase in the amount that you sweat,” study author Ollie Jay said: “Yes, the hot drink is hotter than your body temperature, so you are adding heat to the body, but increasing your sweating compensates for the heat to the body from the fluid.”

The Beatles is definitely the most popular band in history. There used to be a fifth Beatle, the bass player even before John Lennon and George Harrison. The Beatles’ first bass player, from May 1960-July 1961, was Stuart Sutcliffe, a friend of Lennon’s from art school, who got into the band after he won a painting competition and the rest of the band persuaded him to spend the money on a bass guitar.  Sutcliffe was popular with audiences because he was the most handsome Beatle, and became even more popular by his habit of wearing sunglasses on stage. Sutcliffe and John Lennon are known to be coming up with the name for the Beatles. Sutcliffe played with the Beatles in Hamburg, where he met photographer Astrid Kirchherr, he was later engaged to her. He enrolled in the Hamburg College of Art after leaving The Beatles.  Whilst in Germany, he started having severe headaches and acute sensitivity to light, and Kirchherr said some of the headaches left him temporarily blind. In 1962, Sutcliffe collapsed in the middle of an art class in Hamburg. While living at the Kirchherrs’ house his condition got worse. After collapsing again, Sutcliffe was taken to hospital by and ambulance, but he died before the ambulance reached the hospital. The cause of death was an aneurysm, after bleeding of his brain. Some believe that the cause was an earlier head injury, Sutcliffe having been either kicked in the head or thrown, head first, against a brick wall during a fight after a performance in January 1961. According to former manager Allan Williams, John Lennon went to help Sutcliffe, fighting off his attackers and dragged him to safety. Sutcliffe had a fractured skull in the fight and Lennon unintentionally broke his little finger. Sutcliffe refused medical attention at the time and failed to have an X-ray appointment at a hospital.

Have you ever thought of how social media changed your life or how it made you unsocial? It may even ruined all your life. 1 in 3 divorces was related to Facebook by 2011. After Instagram it must be even worse. That was the case in 2011, according to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, though that number has likely risen since then. “We’ve had times where they pull up Facebook in the course of an evidence,” divorce lawyer Marian Rosen told ABC News. Social media may be giving you the feeling of satisfaction or it may you look like what you aren’t but wish to be. Maybe it’s better to think about getting a real life and keep your social life more private.

Ching Shih was born around 1775 in China. She started her career as a pirate in command of a small fleet of ships, “Red Flag Fleet”.  After a while, her fleet got huge, with 1800 ships and 70,000 to 80,000 pirates. With this power, Ching Shih had complete control over the Guangdong province and had spies in the Qing dynasty. Ching Shih was described as ruthless, not only to her enemies, but to her crew as well. She had her own law in her fleet. There were very specific rules, and if broken, punishments were bad, often consisting of beheading. With these rules, she showed no mercy. She was feared and respected among her fleet.  Soon, The Portuguese and English saw that Ching Shih’s forces were indestructible and instead of arresting them, which would cause more death and destruction, they agreed for all pirates in her fleet to return to land and be free, so long as they stopped pirating and followed their laws. Ching Shih took advantage of this and returned to land as a free woman (keeping her wealth), with the majority of her fleet. She lived the rest of her life in her gambling house and died when she was 69 in 1844.

Barış Manço had an album in 1977 named “Sarı Çizmeli Mehmet Ağa” and the most popular song of the album was the song too. Few people know sarı Çizmeli Mehmet Ağa was a real person and lived from 1810 to 1920. Mehmet Ağa was born in Karaman and he was a land owner in Ermenek Karaman. Ottoman Empire once found him and gave him a big land in Cyprus and told him to use this land for farming and employ the local people. He was said to be a very good and and fair person. He employed all his people, helped them to get married and even paid their debts. During his life devoted to charity work, he helped a huge amount of people, spent all his fortune and died as a poor man in 1920. Barış Manço, who was impressed by this man, made the song in 1977, found his grave in Cyprus in 1982 and made a tomb for him. After Barış Manço died, Cyprus government renewed the tomb as in the picture and remembered to attribute to Barış Manço’s name.

If you have a work assignment, you might be better off not thinking about what would happen if you handed it in late. In a series of experiments from the University of Pennsylvania in 2016, researchers found that when volunteers came up with a backup plan before starting a task, they did worse. They did much better when they hadn’t thought of a plan B. That’s because when they knew they had options, their motivation for succeeding the first time dropped. You probably have seen this in success stories. People from poor families tend to be more successful in life, either school or business. Children of wealthy families would give up more easily in hard situations. So when you are working on a task, you should always think it’s your only option.

In the beginning human being wasn’t the king of the world, actually wasn’t king at all. Our ancestors were weak and fragile and they had to hide or run away from all other animals. They didn’t have paws or weapons. They had to sleep at tree tops and be worried and alert while they were sleeping. That doesn’t sound very peaceful or comfortable. But every dog has his day. One day after a lightning or any kind of fire, they saw they can hold a burning stick and all the other animals were scared of that weapon. That started human civilization. They discovered it and learned how to control it. They carried the burning sticks in front of caves and they started living in caves, which made their life more comfortable. In groups, they started to sleep in caves and wait in turns near the fire in front of their caves. You may think where is civilization, art and technology here? They gathered around fire and tried to tell stories. It’s the beginning of languages. They started cooking and it made their life easier, they were able to take more calories and needed to spend less energy for hunting, even they adopted some animals to their groups. Thanks to the light of the fire they started painting inside their caves, probably what they hunted or how they did it. And they started making tools with fire and metals. It’s the beginning of art and technology. Now you may start thinking why you feel peaceful while you’re sitting and chatting around the fire with your friends at nights.

Recently a lot of young people in Turkey are looking for job opportunites in other countries. Here is the best job you can ever have: being a ninja. Japan recently started to have a ninja shortage. There is a high demand for “ninja shows”, but it is a dying tradition and getting hard to find ninjas.  Iga, a small city in central Japan, is the birthplace of the ninja. Each year 30,000 tourists come to see the ninja festival. Sugako Nakagawa, the director of the local ninja museum says ” Without hard training, nobody could become a ninja. That’s why they have silently disappeared in history,”  Training can be hard, but the pay is quite good. It can’t be harder than being a young Turkish man or woman. Today, ninjas can earn from $23,000 to about $85,000″. Here’s your dream job: Earn a lot of money, eat organic food, be fit and athletic, have a quiet and peaceful life. Be a ninja in Japan

Vesna Vulović was a 22 year old flight attendent who survived a 10 km fall.  When she was very young, she was a big fan of The Beatles and western music, so she went to live in the UK to improve her English. Soon  she went back to Belgrade and found a job in JAT, the Yugoslav national airline. While she was flying from Stockholm to Belgrade, a bomb exploded on board. The plane was split in half. So far, she sounds like a very unlucky person. Here’s how Vesna’s great chain of lucky moments started.  Vulovic was trapped by a food cart in the plane’s tail section, that saved her from falling out of the plane. The tail landed in a forest full of thick tress, it was also a  snow-blanketed land. Her low blood pressure made her pass out quickly. That also saved her heart from an explosion. Bruno Henke, a former medic in the German Army, found her very soon. Henke cared for Vesna until she got to a hospital.  Her skull and  both of her legs were broken and three of her backbones were completely crushed. Here’s what happened at the end: Vulović was in a coma for a month, eventually woke up and used her first words to ask for a cigarette.

English is not native to Britain. English is a West Germanic language that originated from Anglo-Frisian dialects brought to Britain in the mid 5th to 7th centuries AD by Anglo-Saxon migrants from what is now northwest Germany, southern Denmark and the Netherlands. The first people in England about whose language we have definite knowledge are the Celts.  Celtic languages in England and have two branches, the Gaelic and the Brythonic. Celtic was probably the first Indo-European tongue to be spoken in England. One other language, Latin, was spoken for a period of about four centuries before the coming of English. Latin was introduced when Britain became a province of the Roman Empire.

When night falls, more than a million people—mostly migrant workers and students—vanish from Beijing’s streets into the underground world. Italian photographer Antonio Faccilongo arrived in Beijing to document it in December 2015.  “I met around 150 people, and only 50 gave me permissions to photograph them,” Faccilongo says. “Some of them are afraid because they told their families that they have good jobs and are living in good apartments.” Millions have migrated from rural areas to the capital in search of better opportunities. And with limited access to public, nuclear bunkers are one of the few affordable options for migrant workers. Over the past few decades, Beijing has had skyrocketing housing prices. On average, one square meter of a flat is sold for $5,820, making it the world’s third most expensive city to live in.  Faccilongo says a small unit can go for as little as $40 a month, and larger, dormitory-style rooms to 10 people, can be afforded for as little as $20 a month. 


For some of our students, the time English Spoken Cafe was founded doesn’t feel very far in the past. In year 2009, the phone above was the newest mobile phone and it was used by millions of people. In the same year New Turkish Lira (YTL) was still in use. A lot of people still called a million Lira for 1 YTL. It was not easy to change the way people called Turkish coins and banknotes. It’s also hard to believe people were still allowed to smoke in public buildings, restaurants and cafes. Smoking prohibition might be one of the best decisions of 2009. In the same year movies like Avatar, Up and Angels & Demons were in Movie theatres in Turkey. So you can see why English Spoken Cafe is still trying to build its system and make it better. When ESC was founded, push button phones were used by majority of people.

If you’re fond of Rock Music, you’ll probably remember the band Starsailor. They were very popular in early 2000s with their songs like, “poor misguided fool” or “alcoholic”.  Did you know the name of the band actually means, “astronaut”? Astronaut is  word from the two Ancient Greek words “Astro” meaning “star” and “naut” meaning “sailor”. So astronaut literally means “star sailor”.

Alexander Selkirk, also spelled Selcraig, (born 1676  Scot.—died 1721 at sea), Scottish sailor who was the prototype of  Daniel Defoe’s novel Robinson Crusoe (1719).
The son of a shoemaker, Selkirk ran away to sea in 1695; he joined a band of pirates in the Pacific.  In September 1704, after a quarrel with his captain, he was left at his own request on the uninhabited Más a Tierra Island, 640 km west of Valparaíso, Chile. He remained there alone until February 1709, when he was discovered and taken aboard an English ship. They arrived in England in October 1711. Cruising Voyage Round the World was published the following year. The book included a description of Selkirk’s life on the island. Selkirk was on a British ship when he died.
Selkirk’s story was also told by the writer Richard Steele in The Englishman in 1713. Defoe evidently drew inspiration from these books for his Robinson Crusoe.

There’s a very common story about the original name the animal, kangaroo. The story is: when some British people went to Australia for the first time an English man asked a local child, “What’s the name of the animal?” and the child says, “Kangaroo”. Kangaroo was an answer meaning “I don’t know” . I’m sure most of you heard this story, but the fact that it’s just a myth and it’s false. Here’s the fact: Kangaroo doesn’t mean “I don’t know” or “I don’t understand”, it is derived from ‘gangurru’, which is a word in the language of the local people of Far North Queensland which means ‘black kangaroo’. 

Do you know Elton John commited suicide but he loved life so much that he didn’t want to kill himself. In 1975, Elton John tried to commit suicide by sticking his head in an oven with the gas on low and windows open. He was found and stopped by his best friend Bernie Taupin. ” What’s more, he was resting his head on a pillow inside the oven”, says Bernie.  As another sucide attemp, his friend Caleb Quaye says, “He threw himself into the water, then struggled to come to the surface.” Caleb  later remembers the arrival of an emergency medical team to pump the pianist’s stomach.

Did you know that the Teddy Bear was invented in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt? It all started with a hunting trip President Roosevelt took in 1902 in Mississippi. After three days of hunting, the President’s bear hunt would be a failure! The next day, the hunt guides caught an old black bear and tied the bear to a tree and called for the President. Here was a bear for him to shoot! But Roosevelt took one look at the old bear and refused to shoot it. He felt doing so would be unsportsmanlike. The news of this event spread quickly through newspaper articles across the country. NY candy shop owner, Morris Michtom, saw the newspapers and had an idea. He put in his shop window two stuffed toy bears his wife had made. Michtom asked permission from President Roosevelt to call these toy bears “Teddy’s bears”. The rapid popularity of these bears led Michtom to mass-produce famous Teddy Bears.

Marie Antoinette (1755–1793) was the last queen of France before the French Revolution. She was known with her quote, “If they don’t have bread, let them eat cake”, although there is no reliable record of her saying it. We still have a quote from her which  has got more reliable record. She lived a luxurious lifestyle and was one of the people who caused the revolution. This was because of her luxury lifestyle, ignorance of the people’s economical situation, and a scandal on an expensive necklace, which caused the public to lose trust in the monarchy. Finally, Marie and her husband Louis XVI were at the executioner’s block. As Marie Antoinette walked the stairs to the “guillotine”, she accidentally stepped on the executioner’s foot, saying to him “Pardon me sir, I meant not to do it.”

If you are planning to go on a diet these days, your first step should be cooling your bedroom. You may feel sleeping in a cool room makes you have a better sleep. There’s also a scientific research for the relation of sleeping in a cold room and burning fat. Just of just a single month of sleeping in a 18 degree room helped increase subjects’ fat-burning ability by as much as 10 percent, according to research from Commonwealth University.

I’m sure you all know “The Green Mile” movie, some of you might a big fan of it. The movie could be inspired by Joe Arridy’s life story. You can be a critical person and be unhappy because of the facts or the system of the world, there’s a famous phrase by Thomas Gray; “Ignorance is bliss” , which made Joe smile even before he died.  Joe Arridy was born in 1915 in Pueblo, Colorado. His parents were immigrants from Syria. They did not speak English. Joe was late to start speaking as a boy and never spoke in sentences of more than a few words. After he attended one year at elementary school, his teachers told his parents to keep him at home, saying that he could not learn. He was executed for the 1936 rape and murder of Dorothy Drain, a 15-year-old girl. The police manipulated him to make a false confession. Arridy was mentally disabled and was 23 years old when he was executed in 1939.

Here’s how you’ve heard it: “Rocky Horror Picture Show is a cult classic.” What it means: The word refers to a movie, book, band, TV show, video game, or other form of media that has a small but extremely passionate fanbase. Eraserhead could be a cult classic. However, people often misuse it to refer to a project with a massive, passionate fanbase, like Star Wars or Fight Club. (Neither are “cult” classics.)

UK TV personality and Top Gear presenter James May built the world’s first full-size LEGO house – including a working toilet, hot shower and a very uncomfortable bed – using 3.3 million plastic bricks. The TV presenter built the house for his BBC show, James May Toy Stories. Locals in the area volunteered in the projectand they carefully followed the design plans. The end result was a truly amazing. Now he wants to build a Lego ship and sail it.

Contrary to popular belief—and the idiom “as blind as a bat”—these nocturnal animals can absolutely see. In fact, as Rob Mies, former executive director for the Organization for Bat Conservation, told National Geographic, bats “can see three times better than humans.” So joke’s on us!

You may be thinking about being isolated from the civilization and living on an island. Here you will have another option: being very social at the same time. Santa Cruz del Islote in Colombia may only be about the size of two soccer fields, but the island has four main streets and 10 neighborhoods. More than a thousand people live on the island in around 155 houses. With so many people packed into such a small space, it’s the most densely populated island in the world. The inhabitants have to use neighboring islands as cemeteries and they work elsewhere, primarily at the Mucura Island Hotels. There is one school with one teacher, a restaurant that functions as a port.  A free 24-hour Internet service was established for the island, allowing the students access to distance education duruing Coronavirus pandemic. Previously, service had been expensive and of poor quality, making it difficult to do educational activities from home. Santa Cruz del Islote is also poor: there is no clean drinking water or sewerage, and there are problems with rubbish and pollution. Despite their needs, people say they do not feel poor and can get along as they do not have big expenses.

Today’s freelancers may not be armed with swords, but they do sell their work. The term originally referred to medieval mercenary soldiers. Mercenary soldier means “a person who is an independant warrior and fights for money”  When freelance first came into English in the early 1800s, it was used to refer to a medieval mercenary who would fight for whichever nation or person paid them the most. The word was literally “free lancers”

In April 1815, Mount Tambora in Indonesia experienced the biggest volcanic eruption in human history. The eruption killed up to 12,000 people. The event, which lasted two weeks, blew millions of tons of dust, ash, and sulfur dioxide into the Earth’s atmosphere. That blanket of ash shielded the planet from the sun and it led to “the year without a summer.” USA and Europe saw heavy snow falling in June, and a deadly frost set in during July and August. In addition to food shortages, the climate change caused diseases, migration of people looking for a better home. As a result of the volcanic eruption, crops had been poor for several years, between 1816 and 1819 typhus epidemics occurred in parts of Europe, more than 65,000 people died only in Britain because of the typus. Humans always experience disasters and diseases, just like the current covid epidemic and we can never know what’s coming next.

Edward Thache (Blackbeard) born in Bristol, England around 1680, died on 22 November 1718 as a pirate legend. Bristol at the time was a port for slave merchants, the slave markets were usually in the Americas and Caribbean. Thache family with a moved to Spanish Town in Jamaica around 1695. His father owned a farm and slaves which were passed to Blackbeard in 1706. Sometime between 1706 and 1713, Edward Thache went from being a sailor in the Royal Navy to becoming a pirate. Blackbeard had a fearsome reputation but no violence from him was ever recorded.  However, his crew were another matter. Blackbeard freed a lot of slaves during his piracy career. A big number of slaves joined the pirates – clearly a better choice than life as a slave. His famous pirate ship was originally a French vessel called La Concorde. Blackbeard and his crew renamed her Queen Anne’s Revenge. Blackbeard died during a battle with Lieutenant Maynard at Ocracoke. At one point, Blackbeard’s crew were thinking they won after killing a few men aboard the other ship. However, when he went to board Maynard’s ship he was attacked by a group of hidden sailors (including Maynard himself). Blackbeard was killed with five shots and 20 deep cuts in his body.

People with active social networks and close friends they talk to live longer than people who rely only on family, according to researchers at Michigan State University. So, whenever possible, make time to see the members of your social circle, even if it’s just for a coffee.

There’s only one human who’s made the moon their grave. Eugene Shoemaker was born in 1928 in Los Angeles and he was one of the founders of planetary science. He spent his days traveling around the world to study impact craters. He died in 1997 during one expedition in a car crash, a few hundred kilometers northwest of Alice Springs, Australia. Shoemaker’s wife Carolyn was severely injured in the crash. After he passed away, his wife Carolyn sent his ashes to the moon in a metal cylinder that was with a quote from Romeo and Juliet: “And, when he shall die/Take him and cut him out in little stars/And he will make the face of heaven so fine/That all the world will be in love with night/And pay no worship to the garish sun.”. Whenever you look into the sky at night and watch the moon, you are also looking at Mr Shoemaker’s final resting place. And remember, he did a lot even at the age of 79, still working for human and science.

Dating back to the 14th century B.C., “Hurrian Hymn No. 6” is considered the world’s earliest melody. It was on clay tablets, which were found in the ancient city of Ugarit (in today’s Syria). You can actually listen to the tune performed on lyre by composer Michael Levy. It’s not exactly Top 40 material, but it’s still interesting to listen.    (Listen to the song here)

It is true, if you want to survive, you need to quit your work. Work can be fatal, according to a United Nations report in 2002, it causes more death and suffering than wars or drug and alcohol. More than two million people die from work-related accidents or disease every year – one death every 15 seconds. The International Labour Organisation said agriculture, construction and mining as the three most dangerous occupations in the world. The total is three times the number of deaths in wars every year (650,000), or  September 11 tragedy every day. It also exceeds deaths from alcohol and drugs. The ILO said exposure to dust, chemicals, noise and radiation was causing cancer, heart disease and attacks. You may be unhappy with your working conditions or not having enough social life, you can now think of other options. Maybe you can move in to your retired parents’ house and start living with them.

Sorry, cat owners, you’re not just being paranoid: Your pet does know when you’re calling their name, and they’re ignoring you anyway. In a 2019 study published in Scientific Reports, researchers discovered that while cats can distinguish their own name, they don’t necessarily feel obligated to respond.

Whenever you say “Hold my beer and watch this” you do something stupid or break a record.  Although no longer connected to the beer company, Guinness World Records was founded by the managing director of Guinness Brewery in the 1950s.  In 1951, Sir Hugh Beaver, managing director of the Guinness Brewery, and his hosts played a game and they wanted to see the best score but found no reference of the fastest game in Europe and they published a book of records in the summer of 1955.

Anna Bagenholm and two of her friends went skiing in the mountains outside Narvik, Norway. On the way down, she lost control of her skis and fell headfast on an 20cm of ice. Below the ice was a frozen stream. When Anna fell, a hole opened in the ice and she was dragged under the ice. When her friends found her, only her feet and skis were above the ice. They grabbed her skis and tried to pull her out but she was tightly held by ice below. They called for help but her head and body was slowly freezing under the ice. Luckily, under the water, she found a pocket of air and tried to be conscious till help arrived. After staying under the freezing water for 40 minutes, she stopped moving. Soon after, her heart stopped. Finally, rescuers arrived. They pull her out of the cold water at 19:40. She had been under freezing water for 80 minutes. She was taken to Tromso University Hospital at 21:10. However, she was so cold that her brain slowed down before she died. Slowly, the temperature of her body rose from the 13.7℃. 24 hours after Bagenholm fell under the water, her heart restarted. All in all Anna is now a living dead.

Try writing out a few sentencesanything at all. Now take a minute to look at how frequently each letter in the alphabet appears. Chances are you’ll see a lot of the letter “e.” That’s because the commonly used vowel appears in around 11 percent of all words in the English language, according to Oxford Dictionaries. The next most popular letter was “a,” which appears in around 8.5 percent of all words. The least common letter is “q,” which appears in just 0.2 percent of words.

Madagascar got its name from Marco Polo, who mistakenly thought he landed in Mogadishu, Somalia, and then misspelled the name of the city. He did not even visit Madagascar. In Malagasy language, the Madagascar Island is called Madagasikara and it’s people are  malgasy. The word « Madagascar » is not a locale origin but the term got popular during the Middle Ages by Europeans. We aren’t still sure what the original name of the island was, but ancient people of Madagascar people called themselves *va-waka, “the canoe people”.

Most people think that piece of cotton is necessary to keep the pills in good condition. Actually the fact is quite different. You should throw away the cotton in your medication bottles because little ball of cotton that comes in your bottle of pills, which is there to keep pills safe during shipping, is meant to be removed. It can collect moisture because of its absorbent nature, which makes your pills go bad faster.

The longest English word is 189,819 letters long. The full name for the protein nicknamed “titin” would take three and a half hours to say out loud. However, in the past it has been discussed whether or not it is a real word – proteins are named after the chemicals involved in making them. The longest word in the Oxford English Dictionary is ‘pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis’ 45 letters long. The word ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’, made famous by Mary Poppins, is 34 letters long.

Hiroo Onoda remained in the jungle on Lubang Island near Luzon, in the Philippines, until 1974 because he did not believe that the war had ended. He was finally convinced after his former commanding officer went to see him. As WW2 neared its end, lieutenant Mr Onoda had orders not to surrender. “Every Japanese soldier was prepared for death, but as an intelligence officer I was ordered to do guerrilla fight and not to die,” he told ABC in an interview in 2010. Three other soldiers were with him at the end of the war. One left the jungle in 1950 and the other two died, one in a 1972 clash with local troops. Mr Onoda saluted the Japanese flag and handed over his Samurai sword while still wearing an old army uniform. The Philippine government granted him a pardon, although local people never forgave him for the 30 people he killed on the island. Another Japanese soldier, Private Teruo Nakamura was found growing crops alone on the Indonesian island of Morotai in December 1974.

The pterosaurs—comparable in size to an average giraffe—had a wingspan of 10,6 meters  and could fly for thousands of km, according to National Geographic. “Instead of taking off with their legs alone, like birds, pterosaurs probably took off using all four of their wings and legs,” paleontologist Michael Habib told The Telegraph. He says that using their strong arms as “the main engines for launching instead of their legs may explain how pterosaurs became so much larger than any other flying animals known.”

It’s the time when you finished university and started your career. Or it might be the time you had the greatest love of your life, or you could get married. There’s a scientific reality about this era of your life. People remember more events from their twenties than from any other time in their lives. According to psychologist Dan McAdams, this phenomenon grows out of the fact that this period of one’s life is important in shaping one’s identity or “life story.”

Good news coffee lovers. Whenever you said “I can’t start the day without coffee”, you were right. Correlation between coffee and happiness is real. Caffeine can actually help you out off depression. A 2016 meta-study on the relationship between coffee and depression published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry found that each cup of caffeinated coffee consumed per day decreased a person’s risk of depression by 8 percent.

Have you ever thought of travelling around the world and seeing other cultures? If you don’t do anything else you can do it five times to the end of your life and even on foot.  Unless you’re a bit of a couch potato, you will on average walk around 6km  a day. Assuming the average person lives until they’re 80, you will walk about 177,027 km in your lifetime. The equator is 40,072 km.  And if you feel well enough and if you walk to Greece, the border is only 240kms from Istanbul, it will only take 2 days on foot. When people are asked before their death what their biggest regret was, most people usually say “working too much”. Maybe it’s a good time to give up and start discovering the world. 

When you want to start a new novel, put down your Kindle or phone and pick up an actual book instead. A 2016 study from Dartmouth College compared the comprehension levels of students who did their reading via physical print-outs to students who used digital devices. They found that abstract things were easier to understand when read on paper. Students using only screens to learn had a much harder time understanding complex ideas.

After multiple people reported passing kidney stones while riding Walt Disney World’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride, a research team from Michigan State University decided to investigate the phenomenon in 2016. The researchers did tests with a model kidney and found that there was a 64 percent kidney stone pass rate for those seated in the rear of the roller coaster. That number was 16 percent for those seated in the front. According to the head researcher, the ideal coaster for passing kidney stones “is rough and quick with some twists and turns, but no upside down movements.” And clearly, you’ll want that rear seat.

With more than 200 million copies in circulation every year, the IKEA catalog surpasses the Bible, the Quran, and the Harry Potter series to earn the title of the world’s most printed book. The annual catalogs are usually around 350 pages and change in each of the 72 regions. For example, catalogs in Saudi Arabia only feature men in their photos.

Priest Dan Call was first the owner of whiskey business. Church people started talking about how the priest was working for God on Sunday and then making liquor on Monday. In order to keep the church family happy he sold the business to Jack for $25. Decades later Daniel came to work early one morning. He wanted to complete some paperwork and needed to open the safe. He had trouble remembering the combination, however, and got so frustrated that he kicked the safe with his left foot. After that his big toe gave him a nasty infection and his foot had to be amputated. The gangrene continued to spread throughout his system and he eventually lost his left leg due to poor blood circulation.  Daniel never married and had no children and eventually gave the business to his favourite nephew Lem Motlow. Jack died due to complications from the gangrene infection in 1911 at the age of 61. In conclusion, bad temper is not good, being a wealthy man sometimes won’t be able to save your life.

Chewing an aspirin at the first sign of a heart attack can be a lifesaver. The drug prevents clot that can block arteries and taht can sop the heart attack. For the fastest relief (and time is crucial then), chew the aspirin instead of swallowing it.

While deep breaths don’t burn too many calories, this is how most burned-off fat exits your body. You may have thought it was mostly through sweat, urine, or some other way, but the truth is that as you exercise or go about your day, the majority of the fat you lose—84 percent, according to 2014 research published in the British Medical Journal—is converted into carbon dioxide and leaves your body through your lungs. The remaining 16 percent is converted to water, which exits your body through urine,  sweat, tears, or other bodily fluids.

Scientists still aren’t sure how, but crocodiles managed to outlive dinosaurs by 65 million years. In fact, crocodiles have always been so well-designed for survival, that modern crocodiles are hardly different than those found in fossils. Just a few theories about how they’ve managed to survive so long are based on crocodiles’ ability to go long periods without eating, their ability to survive in land and water, and the fact that they can adjust to cold temperatures easily.

If you want to be able to respond more quickly, you can start your day having an omelette for breakfast. Eggs contain an amino acid called tyrosine, which the body synthesizes into norepinephrine and dopamine. They  increase energy and alertness and improve mood. In a 2014 study published in the journal Neuropsychologia, researchers even found that tyrosine improves our response time and intellectual performance.

Social media and digital consumption have become so popular in most parts of the world that it’s easy to forget that for some people, reading is still a primary form of entertainment. According to a 2017 study, the average Indian spends 10 hours and 42 minutes per week reading. Compare that to America’s five hours and 42 minutes per week. The other countries with the top five highest reading times are Thailand, China, the Philippines, and Egypt.

According to a study from the University of Michigan in 2009 , we care about others 40 percent less than people in the 1980s did. Sarah Konrath, the lead on this study from the University of Michigan, suggests that the most recent generation really isn’t as empathetic because they are simply more self-centered than previous ones. She believes that the most recent wave of youth is “one of the most self-centered, narcissistic, competitive, confident and individualistic in recent history.” But the terribleness of youth isn’t completely their own fault, according to researchers. The increase of social media, they believe, has reduced face-to-face interactions.  But also, researchers suggest, the expectations of modern society have changed. Competitiveness and a must-succeed-at-all-costs philosophy is far more common than in previous generations, according to Edward O’Brien, another member of this study. Feeling empathy for others takes time and effort, which could be better spent on achieving their own goals , at least in the minds of young people now.

Good news, cocoa fiends! You can think of that dark chocolate bar as a skin treatment and as a delicious snack. According to a 2014 study published in Nutrition Journal, dark chocolate has many beauty benefits, including the ability to reverse sun damage and prevent wrinkles. That’s because antioxidants in dark chocolate called flavanols produce collagen, thereby improving skin elasticity and moisture. Another way of taking collagen could be eating Kokoreç, which is a famous Turkish food. That will be a really irrelevant option to chocolate.

While a student in Buenos Aires, Jorge Mario Bergoglio worked as a doorman at a nightclub. There are also some other facts about the current Pope. Pope Francis hasn’t watched television since 1990, saying “It’s not for me.”  As a cardinal, he lived in a small apartment rather than the luxurious bishop’s residence. He traveled by public transportation and cooked his own meals. Once again, his rejection of elitism was also in his papacy. After his election as pope, he returned to his hotel by taking the bus with the other cardinals instead of taking the papal car.

During a race, the temperature inside a race car regularly reaches up to 76 degrees celsius due to engine activity and action. Despite ventilation systems that blow cool air into the seats, the helmet, and near the feet, the heat can still lead drivers to lose between five and 4.5 kilograms  in sweat during each race. Excessive sweating can lead to focus problems and slower reflexes, which is just one of the factors that makes this sport so dangerous.

Studies and experiments across years (201020142015 and more recently in 2019) have given us more insight into color psychology.

Red: Red is a brave color choice that’s been associated with excitement, passion, danger, thrill, energy, and action. You may notice that some brands use red for their “call to action” buttons (“order now,” “shop now,” etc.). This is because red is an intense color and it can provoke strong emotions which can encourage you to buy things.
Orange: Orange is often representative of creativity, happiness, freedom, success, and the balance. Marketers may use this color to draw your attention to a catchy heading or important note on their website (many “alerts” are orange to catch your eye) —but orange isn’t nearly as brave as red.
Yellow: Happiness, positivity, and warm summer sun is what yellow reminds us of. Brands may use yellow in their logo to make you feel happy when you see their products. Many “free shipping” icons on websites may be yellow to attract you to something that is cheerful and positive.
Blue: Blue is stable, harmonious, peaceful, and trustworthy. Brands who want to be most well-known for their durability, strength, or reliability will use blue in their logos. Many popular computer companies (Dell and HP) and websites (Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo) are known for their blue and white logos.
Green: Two of the things that make the world go round are associated with the color green: nature and money. Green can show growth, fertility, health, wealth, wellness, or generosity. Green can also be associated with negative feelings such as jealousy or envy.
Purple: Purple can be connected to royalty, power, privilege, wisdom, and spirituality. Purple can be something of a frustrating color as well, as it can cause feelings of frustration or arrogance – this is why websites and brands (Hallmark, Yahoo) will use purple or mix purple with a warmer tone such as white.
Pink: Pink is often associated with femininity, playfulness and love, but pink can also be an  immature color. You will notice a lot of pink in a child’s toy packaging or brands to signal playful, capricious fun. Other brands (Victoria Secret for example) have used the color to mean something cute, fun, playful and hot.
White: White is often associated with purity – in Western cultures, white is for weddings and hospitals, often signifying purity, cleanliness, and order. Brands will often add white to offset more intense colors (such as red).
Black: Black can mean so many different things: boldness, uniqueness, mystery, intrigue and power. But it can also mean unhappiness, darkness, sadness, pain, or grief. Black is associated with death but can also be associated with strength, luxury, and intensity.

You’ve just finished an intense workout, and you reach for a cold bottle of water. You open the cap and as you bring the bottle to your lips, you notice the expiration date says the water expired two months ago. You thought the bottle seemed a little dusty.
Should you worry? Of course not. Water doesn’t go bad, the plastic bottle it is contained in does “expire,” and will eventually start leaching chemicals into the water. This won’t necessarily make the water toxic, but it might make it taste somewhat less than “mountain spring fresh.”

Believe it or not, the Eiffel Tower was originally supposed to be in Barcelona.  The city rejected Gustave Eiffel’s plans, thinking the tower would look like an eyesore . Luckily, Eiffel found a home for his idea in Paris. Amazingly, Parisians didn’t favor the Tower, either. Some people even said it looked like a metal asparagus. Truth be told, the Eiffel Tower wasn’t supposed to stay up for very long. In fact, it was spared only because it looked useful to the French army. They thought its 300m  height could work as a communications tower. Thankfully, Gustave Eiffel’s terrible structure has managed to survive; the structure received its 200 millionth visitor in 2002, and has become one of the most famous man-made landmarks in the world.

Fresh aristocrat Baron de Coubertin designed the Olympic flag in the early 1900s, and he was very intentional with his creation. At least one of the colors on the Olympic flag appears on the flags of every nation that competed in the games at the time (but only if you count the white background of the flag itself). “A white background, with five rings in the center: blue, yellow, black, green, and red … is symbolic,” Coubertin said in 1931. “It represents the five continents of the world, united by Olympism, while the six colors are those that appear on all the national flags of the world at the present time.”

Although it’s from more than 100 years ago, everyting in the photo looks familiar to us, even the lady wearing the mask below her nose 🙂  Covid19 is a big pandemic and changed everything in the current world and still changing the systems. But still the world’s biggest epidemic started in America and killed over 100 million people, 50 times more than Covid19 killed so far. If we compare the world population now and then, the current population is almost 5 times of the population (1.8 billion)  in 1918. That means Spanish Flu killed 1 human out of 18. Young, old, sick and otherwise-healthy people all became infected, and at least 10% of patients died. Why was it called the Spanish flu? Spain was one of the earliest countries where the epidemic was identified. Spain was a neutral nation during the war and did not have strict censorship,  so the press freely published the illness. As a result, people believed the illness was from Spain, and the name “Spanish flu” stuck toSpanish nation.

They don’t call it a “good cry” for nothing. Studies suggest that crying stimulates the production of endorphins, our body’s natural painkiller, and feel-good hormones, like oxytocin. In short, crying more will ultimately lead to smiling more.

Studies and experiments across years (201020142015 and more recently in 2019) have given us more insight into color personality based on color psychology.

Red:  Bold, adventure-lover. Can be a little impulsive or  intimidating
Orange: Fun and playful, cheerful, energy that people admire, social, perhaps an extrovert. You enjoy deep conversation. Love to play the host at parties or events. In regards to productivity, you like to dive right into work and get things done
Yellow: A positive spirit, optimistic, cheerful, adventurous, calming for those around them, infectious smiles and happiness that spreads to other people
Blue: Dependable, trustworthy, gentle, compassionate, peaceful, loyal, strong. In regards to productivity, you like to strategize the best way to handle a task 
Green: Practical, realistic, loves to give advice, loves to help others, enjoys the outdoors and finds balance in life. In regards to productivity, you like to analyze the situation before diving in, you’re a problem solver and you can find ways to think outside the box
Purple: Smart, loves unique things and wants to stand out from the pack, dances to the music no one else can hear. You improve on creativity and inspiration, you tune out the world
Pink: Fun, playful, maybe a little naive. You aren’t afraid to express your emotions. Love and family are important to you
White: Calm, peaceful, innocent, perhaps a bit naive. You like things clean and orderly. You like the thought of a “fresh start” or a blank canvas
Black: Bold, risk-taker, perhaps a little impulsive at times, serious (maybe a little too serious). You’re strong, trustworthy, perhaps a little scary

The power output of your car’s engine can be measured in different ways, but the most common is in horsepower. An average horse achieves a maximum of 15 hp. Mechanical horsepower, also known as imperial horsepower, is the measurement invented by James Watts and is approximately equivalent to 745.7 watts of power. So why do we horsepower as a measurement?
In short – marketing. Before the steam engine, one or more horses were often used by farmers. In order to sell steam engines, it was important to describe them in terms that the customers would understand.
A group of researchers in Mexico calculated the maximum power that Usain Bolt reached during his 9.58s world record 100m run in the World Championships in Berlin in 2009. According to their calculations, Bolt reached 2619.5 watts which is equal to 3.5 HP.

Imagine you have a flying car and you’re driving through the clouds with your favorite music on the radio. That would probably be a great experince with an incredible view. Technically, if you got into your car, turned on the ignition and drove up to the sky at 96 km, it would take just one hour to get to outer space, according to astronomer Fred Hoyle. Of course, this is purely a theoretical, but it sure is fun to think about!

Non-violent attempts to escape prisons in these countries are not punished because “it’s human nature to want freedom”. But of course unless you don’t commit another crime during your escape. Here are two examples about what crimes you’ll commit if you escape your cell. 
Example 1: Break a window and jump out of it. This one was easy – you damaged property during your escape.
Example 2: Jump out of an open window and escape. Your crime? Stealing prison clothes, unless you jumped out naked.
As a practical matter, it is nearly impossible to escape without committing a crime

The Silverback gorilla can lift up to 10 times its body weight on average: a total of about 816 kilograms, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. This makes them one of the strongest living animal species on Earth. Though they are feared, the Silverback gorillas will only use their strength when they feel threatened.

Five people died from shark attacks in 2017. A study in 2017  shows every 3 days someone is killed by selfie related accidents. But that number is “just the tip of the iceberg,” say the study’s authors, because such deaths are often reported to other causes.  This year the number must be even worse. The study also found that the people who died while taking selfies were mostly male (about 72 percent) and under the age of 30 (86 percent).  The most common type of death was drowning, which often occurred after the selfie-taker was washed away by waves on a beach or a boat. Next were “transport” deaths, which most frequently happened when someone was taking a selfie too close to a moving vehicle. Those were followed by deaths from falls, fires, firearms and animals. Here are some examples how people die:
A man visiting a park in eastern India was beaten to death by a bear while trying to take a selfie with the wounded animal.
A British man and an Australian woman fell to their deaths while taking a selfie atop a cliff overlooking a popular Portuguese beach.
A teenager died after she shot herself in the head while taking a series of selfies with a loaded gun.
A young woman died after falling into Lake Superior from a 60-meter-cliff while positioning herself for a selfie.

He was born in 1945 on the farm of his grandfather in Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica. He was born to Cedella Booker, a Jamaican singer and writer, originally from Sussex, England. When he was older he moved to the United States for a short time.
Fast forward to 1962 when he recorded his first songs that would make him well known by audiences worldwide.
Besides music, he was also madly in love with football.  He told a journalist once; “If you want to get to know me, you will have to play football against me.” Eventually while he was playing football, his foot was wounded and after some tests doctors told him he had skin cancer. After a while he got worse and  stayed in hospital till his death.
And finally coming down to his last breath, at the age of 36, his last words to his son Ziggy Marley, were “Money can’t buy life.”

Trees are much younger compared to the sharks that rule the sea. Sharks have existed for around 400 million years, while trees became their own official species only 350 million years ago. Other notable animals that outlive trees are the horseshoe crab as well as the jellyfish.

“Live under a rock” as an idiom means “being ignorant to what happens in the outside world”. If you’ve ever been accused of “living under a rock,” you’ll feel right at home in Setenil de Las Bodegas in Spain. Many of this tiny town’s 3,000 residents live and work beneath a huge rock, where homes are built right into the rock. It provides so much shelter that historians think this area has been occupied by human settlements since the Stone Age.

We all watched “The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross” in 80s and 90s. His painting skill was like magic for us. Do you know his hair was straight and why he kept his curly hair even after he was famous? After he was out of US Air Force, he decided travel and have a career as a painter.  His hair was naturally straight but he chose to get a perm so he could save money on haircuts when touring the US penniless in his mobile home. Bob actually hated his curly hair but kept it as it was iconic. All in all it is a really big success story. Thank you, Bob Ross. We were all happy little trees thanks to you.

The first mobile device to be called an “iPhone” was made by Cisco, not Apple. It allowed the user to use the voice functions of Skype without a computer. Apple announced its own product just 22 days later, and Cisco sued for trademark infringement. The lawsuit was ultimately settled out of court and both companies were allowed to keep using the name. However, you’ve probably never heard of the Cisco iPhone.

Human beings may dominate the planet with our enormous cities and far-reaching technology, but we are, in fact, just one species among some 8.7 million that live together on planet Earth. One 2011 study published in the journal PLoS Biology estimated that “the various forms of life on the planet included 7.8 million species of animals, 298,000 species of plants, 611,000 species of mushrooms, 36,400 species of protozoa, and 27,500 species of algae.” And it’s worth noting that the researchers did not put the number of bacteria.

If you’re one of the people going to Ikea store restaurants, having a dish of meatballs and feeling European, you need to know Swedish people would prefer the meatballs which your gandmother cook. Actually they’re originaly from Turkey. The nation’s official Twitter account told followers:  “Swedish meatballs are actually based on a recipe King Charles XII brought home from Turkey in the early 18th century. ” It also looks like meatballs are not the only Swedish dish originally from Turkey. Annie Mattson, a researcher at Sweden’s Uppsala University, claims the King also brought with him coffee beans and stuffed cabbage.

Some owners of dogs may have trouble believing this, but dogs can learn to recognize a vocabulary of about 165 words. Unsurprisingly, dogs respond best to short words, as well as words with hard consonants like “t” or “r,” which may explain why they can hear “treat” from three rooms away. If you want to try to expand your dog’s vocabulary, be consistent—for example, always call a meal “dinner” instead of breakfast, lunch, or supper.  And don’t believe the myth:  Old dogs can learn words just as well as young dogs.

Showers aren’t just good for your hygiene—they’re good for your creativity, too. For a 2012 study published in the journal Psychological Science, researchers gave volunteers creativity problems to solve followed by a period of rest. During that period, some were assigned difficult tasks, while others did simpler tasks which allowed their minds to wander (just like a shower does). Those doing the simpler tasks during the resting time were more likely to solve the original creativity problems.

How about spending your quarantine days on this cute and quiet island. This island is  called “Just Enough Room” because there’s just enough room for a tree, a small yard and a house. Located on the Saint Lawrence River, which crosses the Canada-US border, this tiny island is part of the famous Thousand Islands. Many people want to live in a peaceful place, where is no traffic, no annoying neighbors and no disturbing noises at night. The Sizeland family built the house here 1950s, in hopes to get some peace and quiet. However, as soon as people found out about the house, the area was constantly visited by tourists and mass-media by boat. So never judge your life, there’s nothing you can do to live in peace and quiet.

How did Coronavirus change your life? Did you start having financial or psychological problems? Did you lose all your social life? Here’s a really ineresting fact about the worldwide virus: all the virus that has changed our world would fit in a coke can. U.K. Bath University maths expert Kit Yates worked out there are around two quintillion (two billion billion)  SARS-CoV-2 virus particles in the world at any one time. Yates said he used the diameter of the virus at an average of about 100 nanometers (100 billionths of a meter) and then figured out the volume of the gobal virus. Although the coronavirus’ spike proteins and the particles will leave gaps if you put all the virus in the world together, the total is still less than in a single 330 millilitre (ml) cola can, he said.

Elvis was originally blonde. He started coloring his hair black for an attractive look. Sometimes, he would dye it himself using shoe polish or sometimes he got his wife, Priscilla, to dye it. But more often than not, his personal hairdresser coloured his hair every two to three weeks

A small valley near Volcán in Panama is the world’s healthiest place to live in, according to a 2018 report by International Living. Shangri-La Valley ( also known as The Volcan Valley of Panama) is home to beautiful scenery, a low cost of living, and a  longer life expectancy than any other areas. All in all, the world’s healthiest areas have some common factors, according to the ranking: a warm climate, an active social life, healthy food, and a slower pace of life that makes for less daily stress.

An Italian banker, Gilberto Baschiera is considered a modern-day Robin Hood, but a regretful one. But why a regretful one?   For 7 years, he secretly transferred money to poorer clients from the wealthy ones so his poor clients could be qualified for loans. He made no profit out of it. His plan was when his poor clients get their loans, returning the money to the wealthy owners. Most of his clients had their loans and rejected returning the illegal  money to owners, or didn’t get their loans and rejected giving the money back. After 7 years he transferred about 1 million euros. When it revealed, he was fired and his house was taken from him. The clients he helped refused to support him during the trials and he was all alone in the end although he helped them and risked his own life.  He says “if I had the chance I would never do that again.” As  you can see in the photo above, currently he prefers to be away from people, closer to nature and animals.

A 2013 U.K. study from Littlewoods.com observed young children and recorded the questions they asked the adults around them. The children tended to turn to their mothers for answers, and these moms could end up answering an average of nearly 300 questions per day, or one question every two-and-a-half minutes, the study found. The moms reported that the hardest questions they were asked included “Why is water wet?” and “What are shadows made of?”

If you truly want to be among the intelligent social media users, you should know that the Twitter bird has an official name: Larry the Bird (yes, like Larry Bird, the former pro basketball player who played for Twitter co-founder Biz Stone’s home team, the Boston Celtics). It’s obvious that he was a big fan of the NBA star and he named his invention after the legendary player’s name.

While “hipster” is used these days to describe someone who tries (perhaps too hard) to be stylish and trendy, the term is actually much older. According to Dictionary.com, the word was originally used (along with the similar “hepster”) in the 1930s to refer to someone in the jazz scene. In dictionaries, you can find its meaning as “a devotee of jazz”

Next time you are having trouble focusing, you might want to reach for a stick of gum. A 2013 study in the British Journal of Psychology found that those subjects who chewed gum while taking part in a memory challenge were able to stay focused for longer periods of time than those who did not chew gum.

Despite the many differences between humans and other creatures, there are also plenty of similarities. Many creatures have hair, a heart, eyes, and a powerful brain just like ours. But there’s one feature we don’t share with any other species: our chins. “If you’re looking across all of the hominids (early forms of humanbeings), which is the family tree after the split with chimpanzees, there aren’t really that many features that we can say are exclusively human,” James Pampush, PhD, co-author of The Enduring Puzzle Of The Human Chin, told NPR. “The one thing that really sticks out is the chin.”

Sultan Kösen (born 10 December 1982 in Mardin) is a Turkish man who holds the Guinness World Record for tallest living male at 251 centimetres in 2009.  Kösen’s growth resulted from the condition acromegaly. He describes the advantages of being tall as being able to see a great distance and being able to help his family with domestic tasks like changing light bulbs and hanging curtains.  He lists disadvantages as not being able to find clothes for his legs measuring 126 centimetres  and for his arms with a sleeve length measuring 97 centimetres  or shoes that fit, as well as finding it difficult to fit into an average-sized car.

The tallest man ever recorded was American giant Robert Wadlow (1918–1940), who stood 2.71 meters, weighed 199 kg. Wadlow’s size was the result of abnormally high level of human growth hormone (HGH). He was treated with a blood transfusion and surgery, but his condition worsened and he died in his sleep at age 22.

A kangaroo word sounds like something that’s spoken in Australia, but it’s actually a word that happens to contain its own synonym, with the letters to spell it in the correct order. According to Dictionary.com, examples include the words “chocolate” (which includes the synonym “cocoa”), “masculine” (“male”), “blossom” (“bloom”), “chicken” (“hen”), “rambunctious” (“raucous”), and “deceased” (“dead”).

The word “girl” isn’t historically tied to a specific gender. Rather, as professor of linguistics Sally McConnell-Ginet explained to the Huffington Post, it was first used in the 13th century to refer to a young person in general, whether they were male or female. Up until the 16th century, “gay girls” were young women and “knave girls” were young men. (“gay” means or cheerful,  “knave” means dishonest )

Along with being strong and flexible, bamboo can be grown as a decorative plant or a practical crop. And bamboo is also a fabulously renewable resource. In fact, it’s the fastest growing plant on the planet, capable of shooting up 88.9 centimeters each day at a rate of 0.037  meters  per hour, according to Guinness World Records.

People are increasingly reliant on their devices these days, but for some, the attachment can develop into a serious issue. Those with nomophobia—that stands for “no-mobile-phone phobia”—have a fear of not having their phone on them. They get equally freaked out when their battery dies or when there’s no network available. One 2019 study by U.K. firm YouGov found that 34 percent of men and 52 percent of women currently deal with some form of the condition.

If you’re not sure what the temperature is on hot summer day, just listen to the crickets. According to the Library of Congress, the musical creatures adjust their signature sounds according to the temperature, which means that if you count how many times a cricket chirps in 25 seconds, divide by 3, then add 4 to get the temperature.

Example: 48 chirps /(divided by) 3 + 4 = 20° C

Caesar salad sounds like an item that was inspired by Julius Caesar in Rome. But the truth is that it was named after the man who invented it in 1924—Italian-American restaurateur Caesar Cardini—not its place of origin, which was actually Tijuana, Mexico. According to Food & Wine, Cardini moved to the city (which is close to the California border) to escape the prohibition. Cardini developed the simple salad during the Fourth of July rush in 1924 with the only ingredients he had left.

A monosyllabic word has just one syllable. And while plenty of monosyllabic words exist, the longest ones all happen to start with the letter “s” according to Guinness World Records. At 10 letters, “scraunched” and “strengthed” are the longest monosyllabic words in the English language. “Screeched,” “scrounged,” “squelched,” “straights,” and “strengths” come in second place with nine letters each.

While it might seem like you’ve been afraid of snakes and spiders since you were born, that’s not totally true. According to CNN, scientists have found that humans have just two innate fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud sounds. The rest of your phobias are learned over time. Here is a good scientific reason to get rid of your phobia

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