J1 Abilities

word game – ABILITIES

-what things can you do?
-what things can’t you do?
-what can your parents, brothers and sisters do?

EXAMPLE I can speak English. I can drive. I can play the piano and the guitar.
I can’t play basketball and I can’t dance.
My father is a technician. He can repair everything.
My sister can speak English, she can play the violin. But she can’t drive a car.
My brother is a cook and a dancer.
He can cook and dance very well but he can’t speak English.

What can you do? For example: if you can play the guitar, play the guitar for your teacher and talk about it. Or show the photo and tell us about it

Example 1 I can play the guitar. I play it every day in the evening with my family. I can play “living on a prayer”, Gülpembe” and “Güneye giderken. I learnt to play the guitar 3 years ago

Example 2  I can swim. I swim every weekend with my friends. I learnt to swim 2 years ago in Dikili

good luck

Are you lucky 

EXAMPLE 1 Yes I am lucky. I have a very good English teacher

EXAMPLE 2 Yes I am lucky. I have a very good mother

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