J1 Food

word game – FOOD

-What’s your favourite food?
-What’s your favourite restaurant? Why do you like it?
-Can you cook? What do you cook?

EXAMPLE My favourite food is Pizza
My favourite restaurant is Domino’s because I like pizza.
I can cook simple dishes. I can cook pasta and omelette.

Take a plate of fruit and vegetables in your fridge. Show us a tell us about the fruit and vegetables. If you are in the classroom, take a photo at home and show us the photo and talk about them

EXAMPLE Hi, this is my plate of fruit and vegetables. This is an apple, I like apples. It’s sweet and juicy. This is a lemon. It’s yellow. I don’t like lemons. These are bananas. I love bananas. They are my favourite fruit. This is a carrot. I like carrots. This is a lime. It’s green. I like limes. These are tomatoes. They are red. I don’t like tomatoes

very calm or very calmly, especially when this is surprising:
“He walked in as cool as a cucumber as if nothing had happened.”

Who is as cool as a cucumber? Your mother, father, friends etc.

EXAMPLE My teacher Eyad is as cool as a cucumber

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