J1 Games

word game – GAMES

-Which games do you play at school?
-Which games do you play with your friends?
-Do you play games with your family at home?
-What is your favourite game? why do you like it?

EXAMPLE At school, we play chess and dominos with my friends.
I play computer games at home with my friends, like Fifa and Pes.
With my family, I usually play football or volleyball when we go on a picnic.
My favourite game is chess, I like it because I am a good chess player

Draw or show a photo of your favourite mobile game and talk about it

EXAMPLE My favourite mobile game is Mario Bros. Mario is a plumber. He has blue and red clothes. He has got a red hat. He has a funny moustache. Luigi is his brother. He has got green and blue clothes and a green hat. Mario Bros is a funny game. Mario walks, jumps and runs. He loves mushrooms. In the game, there are a lot of turtles, monsters and clouds. At the end of the game, he saves the Princess

“Bob’s your uncle” is another way of saying “your success is guaranteed.
“You just put these parts together like this, and Bob’s your uncle”

Which game is very easy to play for you?

EXAMPLE 1 Angry Birds is very easy. You hit the pigs. Bob’s your uncle

EXAMPLE 2 Football is very easy. You kick the ball. Bob’s your uncle

EXAMPLE 3 Super Mario is very easy. You jump on the walls. Bob’s your uncle

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