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word game – HOME

-how many rooms have you got?
-what are there in your living room?
-what are there in your room?
-do you like your home? and why?

EXAMPLE We have 2 rooms, one living room and one bedroom.
In our living room, there is a corner sofa, a coffee table and a big bookcase.
In my bedroom, I have one bed and one wardrobe.
I like my home because it is small and sweet.

Show us your living room and tell your teacher about the room. If you aren’t at home, take a photo and show it and talk about it.

EXAMPLE  This is my living room. This is my TV. This is the fireplace. I like the fireplace very much. There is a coffee table. This is the coffee table. There is an armchair and a sofa. This sofa is very comfortable

wake up and get out of bed
“Wakey wakey, rise and shine!”

What time do you get up on weekdays and at the weekend?

EXAMPLE I get up at 7 on weekdays. I get up at 9 at the weekends.

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