J1 Music

word game – MUSIC

-who is your favourite singer?
-what is your favourite song?
-do you play an instrument? what do you play?

EXAMPLE My favourite singer is Barış Manço.
My favourite song is ”Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi.
I can play the guitar a little. I can play harmonica and piano too

Show us your favourite singer’s photo and tell us about him/her

EXAMPLE  This is my favourite singer, Haluk Levent. He is 54 years old and he is from Adana. He is a Rock singer. My favourite Haluk Levent song is “Yollarda bulurum seni”. I like Haluk Levent because he is very funny and he is a very good man.

feeling or showing sadness:
“He’s been a bit blue since she left him.”

How are you today? Are you happy or are you blue? Why?

EXAMPLE 1 I am happy today. Because today is a sunny day

EXAMPLE 2 I am blue today. Because today is a rainy day

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