J1 Sports 

word game – SPORTS

-what is your favourite sport?
-what is your favourite football team?
-who is your favourite footballer?
-what sports do you usually do?

EXAMPLE My favourite sport is tennis.
My favourite football team is Beşiktaş and my favourite footballer is Nouma.
I play tennis every weekend. Sometimes I play football with my friends in school. Every summer I go swimming with my family.
Sometimes I play badminton on holidays and I sometimes play beach volleyball with my family.

Show us your sports equipment and clothes. Show them and talk about them

EXAMPLE Hi. This is my sports equipment. This is my tennis racket. It’s blue. I like tennis. I play tennis every weekend in Yeşilköy. My football and trainers. I sometimes play football. My brother plays football every day. These are my table tennis racquets. I play table tennis with my father every day. This is my jumping rope. It’s pink, my favourite colour. And this is my water bottle. I like sports and exercise.

used for expressing surprise
“Well, well, I didn’t think I’d see you here.”

Look at your teacher. Be surprised

EXAMPLE 1 Well well! Bashie you look handsome today!

EXAMPLE 2 Well well! Bashie you have nice hair today!

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