J1 Summer

word game – SUMMER

-what will you do on Bayram holiday?
-what will you do in the summer?

EXAMPLE On holiday in Bayram I will go to Altınoluk. I will visit my parents.
In the summer I will go to London, visit some places in Turkey and I will read a lot of books

Show us a summer photograph tell us about that summer

EXAMPLE Hi. In this photograph, I’m in Birmingham. My mother is from Birmingham. We go there every summer. This is my favourite shopping centre. we go to Birmingham every summer

miss the boat means: losing a chance or being late by being slow:
“There were tickets available last week, but he missed the boat by waiting till today to try to buy some.”

Do you like the sea and boats? Which one is your favourite boat?

EXAMPLE 1 I like boats. My favourite boat is Adalar ferry

EXAMPLE 2 I like boats. My favourite boat is the boat of Popeye (Temel Reis)

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