J1 Weekends

word game – WEEKENDS

-What do you usually do during the week and at the weekends?
-What do you do when you meet your friends?

EXAMPLE During the week I go to school, do my homework every day, and watch TV.
At the weekends I go to the park with my dad, I go shopping, I go to English Spoken Cafe and I play games with my friends. Sometimes I visit my grandparents.
When I meet my friends, we play games and chat.

Visit some friends or relatives at the weekend. Take a photo and tell us about it

EXAMPLE This is my friend Yaren’s house. We are watching a film together. This is Cemile. She is my best friend. This is Alex and this is Thomas. It is a wonderful weekend.

sleep very well
“I sleep like a log on Saturdays. I don’t hear anything”

Which day at the weekend do you sleep like a log?

EXAMPLE I sleep like a log on Sundays. I get up at 10 on Sundays

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