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word game – BOOKS

-what is your favourite book?
-why do you like it?
-what is your favourite school book?
-why do you like it?

EXAMPLE My favourite book is Alice in Wonderland. I like it because it is very exciting. My favourite school book is my English book because I like learning English very much.
And our English book is very colourful. There are a lot of funny pictures in it

Show us your favourite book and tell us the story of the book showing us the pictures in the book.

EXAMPLE This is my favourite book Alice in Wonderland. Alice is lost in a different world and she has interesting friends. In this picture, there is a rabbit. The rabbit runs and Alice follows the white rabbit. Here, she goes to a fantastic world. In this picture she finds an animal, a pig and they walk into the forest. In this picture,…

If a situation turns the corner, it starts to improve after a difficult period:
“After nine months of poor sales, we’ve finally turned the corner.”

Now close your book and tell us shortly about the story of your favourite book.

EXAMPLE Alice saw the white rabbit and he followed the rabbit into the hole under the tree. She went into Wonderland. He had a lot of adventures and some problems. In the end, he turned the corner and came back to her real world and family.

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