J2 Celebrities

word game – CELEBRITIES

Famous people
-Who is your favourite singer? Why do you like him/her?
-Who is your favourite actor and actress? Why do you like them?
-Who is your favourite internet celebrity?

EXAMPLE My favourite singer is Barış Manço. He is a very good singer.
My favourite actor is Kemal Sunal because he is very funny.
My favourite internet celebrity is Arron Crascall. He lives in England and he makes very funny videos.

Show us a photo of you with a celebrity. How did you meet and take the photo? What did you talk about? If you don’t have a photo with a celebrity show your favourite celebrity and talk about him/her

EXAMPLE  This is me and Barış Manço in this photo. I am on a TV show “Adam Olacak Çocuk”. We are in Taksim, in the TV studio. I love him because he is really funny. Here, we are talking about my school teachers and parents. At the end of the program, everyone clapped and I got so happy.

telling someone, especially a child, to behave politely and not do or say something that might offend someone
Example: His mother taught him to always mind his manners with his elders.
You’re in my house so you’d better watch your manners.

Which celebrities don’t you like and why don’t you like them?

EXAMPLE  I don’t like Enes Batur. He is too noisy and I don’t like his manners. He swears a lot

Note: the cat in the Idiom image is Peluş. She is our cat in Spoken Cafe. She is so cute and friendly and she is very playful

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