J2 Clothes

word game – CLOTHES

-Which words do you know about clothes?
-What are your favourite clothes? why do you like them?
-What colour clothes do you like?
-In which shops do you usually buy your clothes?

EXAMPLE I know shorts, T-shirt, shirt, skirt, hat, cap, scarf, gloves,
shoes, trainers, socks, coat, jumper, belt, jeans, trousers.
My favourite piece of clothing is T-shirt. I like them because I have got a lot of shirts in different colours.
I like blue and yellow clothes. I usually buy clothes in LC Waikiki

Bring and show us your favourite clothes. Tell us why you like them, when and where you bought them etc. 

EXAMPLE This is my favourite sweatshirt. I like it because it is very comfortable and it is my favourite colour, yellow. I bought it last summer in Pull and Bear. This is my favourite t-shirt. It is blue and I bought it last summer in Ayvalık. This is my …….

Don’t give up. It is said as a way of telling someone to not give up, despite difficulties: “Work can get tough in the middle of a term but hang in there and it’ll be OK.”

Which film or book motivated you the most? Tell us about the motivation in the story

EXAMPLE Puss in Boots was scared of the wolf because he had one life. But finally, he was brave again. I said, “Yes Puss in Boots, hang in there. You will do it”

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