J2 Holiday

word game – HOLIDAY

-What do you do at the weekends?
-What do you do during your school holidays

EXAMPLE At the weekends I usually stay home and spend time with my family. We sometimes go on a picnic on Sundays. Sometimes I go to the cinema with friends.
On school holidays we often go to our summer house in Silivri. I swim every day in the summer and ride a bike with my friends. Sometimes in the summer, we go to Manisa to visit my grandparents

Show us a photo of your best holiday and tell us about the details

EXAMPLE This is a photo of my best holiday. We went to Antalya with my parents last summer. In this photo, I am at a foam party. It was a lot of fun. We stayed in a 5-star hotel. The food and all the activities were very good. I swam in the pool every day. I danced with a clown and met a lot of other children

very rarely
“he comes round once in a blue moon”

What do you rarely do?

EXAMPLE  In summer, I rarely go swimming in the pool. I usually go swimming in the sea

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