J2 Internet

word game – INTERNET

-What are your favourite websites? why?
-On which websites do you usually play games? What online games do you play?

EXAMPLE My favourite website is YouTube. I like it because I watch English Spoken Cafe videos on YouTube.
They are very funny and I like learning English.
I don’t play online games. Sometimes I play mobile games

Show us one of your favourite websites and tell us about what you do on that website.

EXAMPLE This is englishspokencafe.com, one of my favourite websites. I like it because it is a lot of fun. I follow my weekly topics and prepare for my lessons. There are a lot of funny videos. Our teachers take a lot of videos and I learn a lot of things. Most of them are very enjoyable. I do my online lessons on englishspokencafe website and mobile application. It is very practical.

used to ask how or why something has happened, usually when you are surprised:
“So how come you missed the train?”
“We had to stop in Birmingham.” “How come?

When was the last time you were really surprised? Why was it so surprising for you?

EXAMPLE Yesterday, I surfed the internet. I saw a cat, she was so funny. She jumped 2 meters high. I was surprised. I said, “How come!”

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