J2 Introduction

word game – INTRODUCTION

Introduce yourself and your family
-Tell us about your hobbies and pastime
-What do you usually do in your free time?

EXAMPLE I am Altan. I am from Manisa. I am 38.
In my free time, I exercise, watch films, and go to the park with my friends.
My father Ahmet is 65 years old. He is retired
My mother Hatice is 61. She is a housewife.
My brother Cemal is one year older than me. He is a cafe manager. My sister Dilek is 27 years old. She is a nurse

Draw a picture of your hobbies, routine and family.  Show your picture and tell us about yourself and your hobbies again

EXAMPLE  Hi Bashie. Now I will show you my drawing and tell you about myself, my family and my hobbies. These are my parents, Blackie and Blondie. They are lovely and funny. I like computer games. I play League of Legends. It’s an online game. I play it with my classmates. I like watching Tv shows and reality shows. I watch Survivor every week. I like cooking pastry and cooking and marking tea. I do it every weekend. This is my basketball and below it is my Game Boy. I play basketball and game boy with my friends at the weekends. That’s all from me and thanks 🙂

If something is not your cup of tea, you do not like it or you are not interested in it.
The positive version of this expression, “it’s my cup of tea”, has been in use since the late 1800s when the British started using the phrase “my cup of tea” to describe something they liked. (We all know that the British love their tea!) In the 1920s, the word ‘not’ was added to the phrase to describe something that they didn’t like.

Tell us about your interests. Why are you interested in those things?

EXAMPLE  I have some hobbies. I like dancing, going to the cinema, riding a bike and reading. Football is not my cup of tea. I like basketball


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