J2 Mobile Phones and Computers


Mobile phones and computers
-do you have a mobile phone? if you have one do you like it?
-what are your favourite mobile applications and games?
-what do you usually do on your PC or tablet?

EXAMPLE I have a mobile phone. It’s an Oppo.
I like it because it is very fast and it has long battery life.
My favourite applications are Whatsapp and English Spoken Cafe.
On my PC, I have my online school lessons. Sometimes I play online games with my friends.

Show your phone and tell us about it

EXAMPLE This is my phone. It is an iPhone 7. My father bought it 2 years ago on my birthday. I like my phone. It has 32 GB memory and 4 GB ram. It has got a very good camera. I chat with my friends on WhatsApp and I do video calls with my grandparents. I play Candy Crush on my phone and I do my Spoken Cafe online lessons

very briefly, shortly, giving only the main points:
“What went wrong?” “In a nutshell, everything.”

Tell us briefly what you do on your mobile phone. If you don’t have a mobile phone tell us about what you do on your tablet or PC.

EXAMPLE  I usually spend time on TikTok. It is sometimes very funny. I have a WhatsApp group with my friends. We tell funny stories and gossip or share funny videos. In a nutshell, I usually spend my time with my friends

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