J2 Movies

word game – MOVIES

-what type of movies do you like?
-which movie did you last watch and did you like it?
-tell us about your favourite movies and why you like them.

EXAMPLE I like comedies and animations.
I last watched the Simpsons Movie. I liked it, it was very funny.
My favourite movies are Interstellar, 3 Idiots and Forrest Gump
I like Interstellar because it’s very exciting and it’s a lot of adventure.
“3 idiots” is very funny and Forrest Gump is very enjoyable. I like them too

Show us your favourite film on your TV or PC screen. Talk about your favourite characters and why you like the film

EXAMPLE This is my favourite film, 3 Idiots. I like it because it is very funny. It is about 3 best friends. They are university students and they study engineering. This is Farhan, this is Rancho and this is Raju. My favourite character is Rancho because he is very clever and a very good friend. He changes his friends’ lives. I watched this film 3 years ago in my English class. All my friends loved the film

spill the beans means to tell people secret information:
“So who spilt the beans about her affair with David?”

Tell us about your film character. Why do you like him/her?

EXAMPLE  My favourite film character is Homer Simpson. I like him because he’s very funny but he is reckless and selfish. In the picture here he spilt the beans to the people in his town

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