J2 Neighbourhood


-do you like your neighbourhood?
-why do you like it ? or why not?
-where do you play games with your friends?
-what do you usually do in your neighbourhood?

EXAMPLE I like my neighbourhood. I like it because I have a lot of friends here.
We usually play badminton in Çukurpark. In my neighbourhood, I usually visit my friends and we play computer games together.
Sometimes I go shopping with my mother or I go to the park with my father.

Take a photo of the park in your neighbourhood or go to the park. Tell us about it and your favourite activities there.

EXAMPLE  Hi Bashie. This is our park. I come here every weekend. I play with this toy on the left. I run around the trees every Saturday. Sometimes I play with my friends. There is a cafe 10 minutes from where. I go there and eat ice cream. This is my favourite toy. We spin with my friends and I feel dizzy. It’s very enjoyable.

something that you hope will happen but is very unlikely to happen:
“They have hopes but their plans are just pie in the sky.”

Tell us about your favourite shop in your neighbourhood

EXAMPLE My favourite shop in my neighbourhood is Çıtır Fırın. It is a patisserie. I like apple pie in Çıtır Fırın. It is delicious.

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