J2 Places

word game – PLACES

-What are your places in Istanbul?
-Why do you like them?
-What do you usually do when you go there?

EXAMPLE My favourite places are Fatih, Eminönü and the Bosphorus.
I like Fatih because I was born in Fatih. I like Eminönü because it’s very crowded and enjoyable.
I like the Bosphorus because it is very beautiful, I like the sea and the view.
I usually eat fish when I go to Eminönü and I drink fruit juice when I go near the Bosphorus

Show us one of your photos of a beautiful day in your city and tell us about that day

EXAMPLE  This is one of my best photos in Istanbul. It was 6 years ago. I went to the Blue Mosque with my family. We had a great time. First, we went to a restaurant and we had breakfast together. Then we visited Topkapı Palace and we saw beautiful historical things. Then we went to the park and we ate ice cream. My parent met an English family there and they chatted and had some funny moments. The English family was so lovely. Finally, we went to the Golden Horn and sat by the sea. It was a lovely day. We were all very happy

I can’t understand it at all.

Tell us about a memory of when you went to a different country or city.

EXAMPLE I went to Antalya with my parents. we visited a lot of historical and touristy places. We went to Konyaaltı beach. There were so many Russian people. I didn’t understand anything. It was all greek to me

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