J2 Possessions

word game – POSSESSIONS

-tell us about your possessions
-what do you have?
-what is your best possession and why?

EXAMPLE I have got a laptop, a room, a desk and a bed.
My favourite possession is my laptop because I do my homework and I play games on my laptop.
I also surf the internet and learn a lot with my laptop.

Show us your bag. Open it and tell us about the objects in your bag

EXAMPLE  This is my bag. I have a lot of objects in my bag. This is my English book and my English notebook. I like them because I love learning English. These are my scissors, I use them every day. I cut papers and make model planes with cardboard. This is my set of crayons. I draw and paint pictures. And this is my water bottle. I use it when I go to the park. I play and get thirsty. I love my bag and all my books

wealthy people receive special treatment or have more power and influence:
“Unfortunately, in this town money talks, and if you don’t have the money you can forget it.”

Tell us about your most expensive or valuable possession.

EXAMPLE  My most valuable possession is my laptop. It is an Acer. It is very expensive. Money talks 🙂

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