J2 Seasons

word game – SEASONS

-What is your favourite season and why?
-What do you like doing in different seasons?

EXAMPLE My favourite season is summer because it’s the holiday 🙂 And I like summer because I have got a lot of beautiful summer clothes.
In the summer we go to our summer house and I have got a lot of friends in our holiday town.
I like swimming in the summer and skiing in winter. In spring and Autumn, I like going camping.

Make a chart of what you do every season and tell us about the details

EXAMPLE I have similar hobbies every season. All year long I play tennis, I do exercise 3 days a week. But I have different hobbies every season. In winter,  I go ice skating, play basketball and I play computer games. I love spring. In spring we go camping with my family and I go walking in the park. In the summer we usually go to the summer house and I go swimming every day. I go fishing too. In autumn I don’t have a lot of hobbies. I go camping in Istanbul with my family every month.

waste your time trying to get something that you can never have

Tell us about your dreams. What do you want to do in the future? Why?

EXAMPLE I want to be an English teacher. Because I like English. ıt is a lot of fun. And if you speak English, you can travel around the world and see different countries

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