J2 The Bests

word game – THE BESTS

The bests
-who is your best friend? tell us about him/her
-who was your best teacher? why was he/she the best?
-tell us the best time of your life? why did you enjoy it?
-what is the best place you visited? why did you like it?

EXAMPLE My best friend is my cat. Her name is Kuyruksuz.
She is usually aggressive but she’s also very funny.
My best teacher is my English language teacher, Parisa
She is a very good teacher and now I love the English language very much.
3 years ago I went to England with my friends. We had a great time in London. It is a very beautiful city.
The best place is London for me. It has got a lot of parks. The parks and streets are very beautiful. It’s a historic and peaceful city.

Show us some photos and tell us about the best day of your life

EXAMPLE  This is the photo of the best day of my life. It is my birthday 2 years ago. All my best friends from the class and my parents were with me. We ate a cake and played games. I had a lot of birthday gifts that day. My father bought me a new bike and my mother gave me a new dress. Everybody was happy and cheerful. We had a wonderful day

an excellent person or thing

What do you think is the best invention? Why do you think so?

EXAMPLE  I think the best invention is the smartphone. Because I play games on my phone and chat with my friends. I have a great time on my phone

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