J2 Travelling

word game – TRAVELLING

-what is your favourite way of travelling? car, train, plane, boat. why?
-where do you often travel?
-where do you want to travel? how do you want to travel there?

EXAMPLE My favourite way of travelling is by bike. I like it because it is a lot of fun.
I often travel to Altınoluk and Manisa to visit my relatives.
I want to travel to London soon. It’s my favourite city. I want to travel there by plane
because it’s very far

Show us a photo of you and your family travelling. Tell us about your journey

EXAMPLE In this photo my family, my aunt and her husband are travelling to Antalya. We rented this car, it is very beautiful. Our dogs Karabaş and Bobo are in the car. This is my aunt and this is my cousin she’s 2 years old in this photo. She is very cute. We had a great time in Antalya. It was a wonderful holiday

you are late, an opportunity has been lost
“Ever hopeful he would get back together with his girlfriend, Paul finally realized “that ship has sailed” when he heard she married another.”

Have you ever travelled by boat, ship or on a cruise? When and where did you go?

EXAMPLE  I have never travelled by boat or cruise. But I had a boat trip last year. I had a Bosphorus tour with my family. And last weekend we went to Heybeliada by boat. It was wonderful

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