word game – TV

-tell us your favourite TV programmes and why you like them.
-what are the best Turkish TV series?
-what are the best foreign TV series?
-tell us about your favourite cartoons and animations

EXAMPLE My favourite TV program is Sesame Street.
I like it because there are a lot of puppet characters. It’s very funny and educative.
The best Turkish TV series is Leyla ile Mecnun
and my favourite foreign TV series is Person of Interest.
I don’t like animations very much. My favourite cartoon series is South Park and Simpsons

Show us your favourite TV series on your TV or PC screen. Talk about your favourite characters and why you like the TV series

EXAMPLE  This is Leyla ile Mecnun, my favourite TV series. I like it because it’s very funny and I like all the characters in the film. This is Mecnun. He is very naive but funny. He loves Leyla. This is İsmail abi, my favourite character in the Tv series. I love him because he’s very funny and sincere. He always waves to the boats at the seaside and he has no work. This is Erdal Bakkal. Erdal Bakkal is also very funny. he loves money and he’s very close-fisted. This is Dede. And these are Iskender abi and Yavuz. Iskender abi is Mecnun’s father. Yavuz is Mecnun and Ismail’s best friend. Erdal Bakkal calls him Yaviz 🙂

to not know the facts of a situation

Tell us about your favourite character on TV. Why do you like him/her?

EXAMPLE  My favourite character on TV is İsmail abi. he is very naive and sympathetic. He is a very good friend. But his head is always in the clouds.

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