J3 Animals

-Do you like animals?
-Do you have a pet?
-do you want to have a new pet? why or why not?
-Have you ever had pets in your house? What pets did you have?
-What’s your favourite animal and why?
-do you know any famous animals? what are they famous for?
-what’s your favourite movie or TV series in which animals act? tell us the story of it.
-Tell us about the most interesting animals you’ve seen or heard about in your life?

Related Words domestic animals, wild animals, fish tank, pet, cat, dog, budgie, parrot, hamster, lion, tiger, fish, goldfish, horse, kitten, wolf, fox, rabbit, duck, owl, eagle, chicken, bear, pigeon, seagull

word game – Animals

Some owners of dogs may have trouble believing this, but dogs can learn to recognize a vocabulary of about 165 words. Unsurprisingly, dogs respond best to short words, as well as words with hard consonants like “t” or “r,” which may explain why they can hear “treat” from three rooms away. If you want to try to expand your dog’s vocabulary, be consistent—for example, always call a meal “dinner” instead of breakfast, lunch, or supper. And don’t believe the myth: Old dogs can learn words just as well as young dogs.

Do you like dogs? Why/why not? Have you ever had a dog or do you have a dog? If yes tell us more about your dog.

used to tell someone to stop and consider carefully their decision or opinion about something:
“Just hold your horses, Bill! Let’s think about this for a moment.”

When did you last get very angry? What made you angry?

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