J3 Celebrities

-which celebrities; singers, actors and actresses do you like and why?
-which celebrities don’t you like and why?
-have you ever met a celebrity? What did you talk about?
-do you have any famous friends or relatives? who are they?
-which celebrities do you think are good examples for young people? why do you think so?
-who are your favourite people in other fields? science, sports and literature. And why?
-would you like to be a celebrity? what would you like to be? (an actor/actress, athlete, a politician) and why?

Related Words singer, comedian, anchorman-anchorwoman, talent show, become famous almost overnight, artist, athlete, cartoonist, director, writer, legend, music band, rock star, child star, politician, author, megastar, journalist, poet, scientist, academician, model, social media celebrity

word game – Celebrities

British naval officers play Britney Spears songs to scare away Somali pirates off of Africa’s eastern coast. “Oops I Did It Again” and “Baby One More Time” are the songs which are used. The reason for playing these songs is, supposedly, Somali pirates have a strong dislike for western culture and music, which make Britney Spears’ songs a perfect fit to make the bandits move on as quickly as possible.

Do you like foreign music? What type of music and which foreign singers do you usually listen to?

the show is ended and go home now
Example: What are we waiting for now? Elvis has left the building.

Do you know Elvis Presley? If you don’t know him ask your parents about him and tell us about Elvis.

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