J3 Food

-what time and what do you usually eat?
-what type of food do you usually eat?
-what is your favourite food?
-what are the best dishes your mother and father cooks?
-which dishes or food do you hate? and why?
-what don’t you usually prefer eating?
-tell us about your favourite restaurants and dishes in Istanbul?

Related Words meal, fizzy drinks, mineral water, soda, fatty, healthy, spicy, salty, soup, main course, brown bread, white bread, meat, poultry, seafood, garlic, onion, cereal, sour, hot, chilli, carbs, dessert

word game – Food

There’s a fruit that tastes like chocolate pudding. Black sapote, which grows in Central and South America, tastes like chocolate and sweet custard. Pick the fruit, cut it in half, dip a spoon in it and have the sensation of tasting good chocolate. It tastes like chocolate pudding but with fewer calories, 45 for 100 grams (compared to 530 calories for 100 grams of chocolate). It is popular in Central America, and it is found mainly in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Guatemala. Another advantage? This chocolate pudding fruit is rich in vitamins A and C. In Central America, a kilo of black sapotes costs around 2 euros.

Tell us about your favourite fruit and why you like it. What’s your favourite dessert and where in your city can we eat it?

used to say that two things are completely different and it is not sensible to compare them:
“You’re comparing apples with oranges. They are two very different jobs, with very different types of stress.”

Can you compare your father and mother? What are their resemblances and differences?

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