J3 Holiday

-where did you go on your last holiday? did you like it?
-tell us about the most beautiful places you have seen so far
-tell us the best holiday you have had in your life. and why did you like it so much?
-what are the best holiday places in Turkey?
-do you know any good holiday places around your city?
-tell us about your dream holiday place. why do you want to go there so much?
-what are your holiday plans for this summer?
-do you want to settle in a holiday town when you get retired? and why do you want to settle there?

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word game – Holiday

Have you ever thought of travelling around the world and seeing other cultures? If you don’t do anything else you can do it five times to the end of your life and even on foot. Unless you’re a bit of a couch potato, you will walk around 6km a day. Assuming the average person lives until they’re 80, you will walk about 177,027 km in your lifetime. The equator is 40,072 km. And if you feel well enough and if you walk to Greece, the border is only 240kms from Istanbul, it will only take 2 days on foot. When people are asked before their death what their biggest regret was, most people usually say “working too much”. Maybe it’s a good time to give up and start discovering the world.

When and where did you last walk more than 10 km? Tell us about your adventure

Take someone somewhere by car
Example: It was late last night so I gave a lift to my sister

When someone gave a lift to you? And when did you last travel somewhere by car? How was your journey

Note: the cat in the Idiom image is Peluş. She is our cat in Spoken Cafe. She is so cute and friendly and she is very playful

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