J3 Telling Stories

Telling stories
-tell us some experiences that happened to you or your friends
-tell us a story which your parents or your grandparents told you and you never forget.
-tell us a funny story or ask a riddle to your friends
-tell us some funny or interesting videos or news that you saw on TV or on the internet
-tell us the story of your favourite book or movie
bonus: tell us a joke

Related Words once upon a time, the other day, once, during, while, when, after, before, until, in fact, actually, as soon as, whenever, that day, that morning, then

word game – Telling stories

On April 1, 1974, a local man named Oliver Bickar burned 70 old tires in the crater of Mount Edgecumbe in Alaska for an April Fools’ Day joke. The dark smoke rising from the crater convinced residents that the volcano was erupting. After phone calls from the locals to the police station, a helicopter flew up to the top of the mountain. The pilot told the officers, “the son of a gun looks fantastic.” The hoax was revealed and “April Fool” was spray-painted in 15 m letters. The Guardian reports that Bickar had been planning the prank for four years, and lists it the best Aprils Fools hoax of all time.

Do you have funny people around you? Who is the funniest person you know? Do you know any other pranks like Olivar’s? 

If someone’s heart is in their mouth, they are feeling extremely nervous:
“My heart was in my mouth when I opened the letter.”

Did you get surprised recently? What surprised you so much? Tell us the story.

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