01-07 March


-Tell us about your best friends
-What do you usually do with your friends?

EXAMPLE: My best friends are Arda and Kerem. They are my classmates.Arda is tall and he has blond hair. Kerem is short. He is smart and funny.
We usually play football on the street and we play computer games. Sometimes we watch football together.


Cartoons and animation films
-What is your favourite cartoon series?
-What is your favourite animation film?
-Who is your favourite cartoon character?
Why do you like him/her?

EXAMPLE: My favorite cartoon is Bugs Bunny. He is very funny and cute
My favorite animation is Wall-e. The robot is very nice and the film is good.
My favorite cartoon character is Inspector Gadget because he is very clever and he has got a lot of functional tools. For example, his hat becomes a helicopter and he can fly.


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