Money can’t buy life

He was born in 1945 on the farm of his grandfather in Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica. He was born to Cedella Booker, a Jamaican singer and writer, originally from Sussex, England. When he was older he moved to the United States for a short time.
Fast forward to 1962 when he recorded his first songs that would make him well known by audiences worldwide.
Besides music, he was also madly in love with football. He told a journalist once; “If you want to get to know me, you will have to play football against me.” Eventually while he was playing football, his foot was wounded and after some tests doctors told him he had skin cancer. After a while he got worse and stayed in hospital till his death.
And finally coming down to his last breath, at the age of 36, his last words to his son Ziggy Marley, were “Money can’t buy life.”

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