On the new year holiday I visited Thailand.
I don’t want to write the same things , it’s a beautiful, amazing country because everyone knows Thailand is a very popular destination among tourist from all countries. So i just want to give a recommendation about Phuket island where I visited and if you visit this island maybe it can be useful for youSo before I went I checked some places which I want to visit during the trip and I thought I can just walk to these places and I can find these very easily.But when I arrived I saw it’s a very big island and if I want to go somewhere I should spend a lot of time.
First lesson – Phuket is not that smalland you need to transport there.You can rent a car – but they use left side of the road as in Cyprus so it was different for me and I did not rent a caryou can also rent a motorbike – it’s cheaper than a car. But unfortunately I never rode a motorbike before and it’s not so easy learn it in a crowded island.
Second lesson – i should learn to ride a motorbike if i want to visit Thailand again.and of course you can take a taxi..I hate them :)As you know taxi drivers are the same in everywhere. If they know you don’t have any choice they will ask for fantastic prices and Phuket is no exception.For example when I went from my hotel to Big Buddha I spent 500 BAT to taxi. But when I wanted to come back they said 1500 Batbut then walked about 10 mins to another place and found there moto taxi for 400 bat. Happy ending Friendly Thai people;They are really “friendly and nice”. But not in Phuket not in a touristy centre of the country.They have just one aim – earn money. PS I understand them very well 🙂
And third lesson was – you should ignore local people around you who just want to sell something what you don’t need including thai massage and strange street food. But trust me – you will not regret if you visit this incredible colorful and amazing country. You will feel yourself in another world. In a more beautiful World.

Savalan Ahadov. Fındıkzade. Edit by Altan. 14.01.2019

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